Unreal Wedding Photos

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Lucky for us, these photographers were around to capture the perfect moment. Get ready for 21 of the dumbest wedding photos.

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#12 The Bathroom session

Was the bathroom also the only room in the house where they can shoot some photos? Is this, how many people can fit into a hot tub contest? It’s bad, it’s tacky and totally unnecessary. Press delete.

#11 Armed and Dangerous

What kind of groom doesn’t say “I do” to a bride holding a shotgun along with five armed bridesmaids? A dead one obviously. It’s clear from the photo who is going to be in charge. On a more positive note, maybe the wedding just happened to coincide with the beginning of hunting season.

#10 Lift me up

Clearly the women are not the only ones showing power through photos. Lifting a 1000 kg car is the least you can do to demonstrate your love. The other thing is to use Photoshop.

#9 Killing me softly

From “Only in Russia” edition, we present to you this weird wedding photograph. Are they showing their mutual love for French baguettes or the groom is being killed with a soft, tasty weapon? Most likely we will never find out what was the inspiration behind this masterpiece.

#8 Supermarket wedding

Attention shoppers! There is an ongoing wedding ceremony in Aisle 3. Who needs expensive floral arrangements and confusing seating charts when you can have your wedding at the nearest Supermarket. We bet they registered at the same place.

#7 Cringe- worthy

Settling for a normal wedding photograph is sometimes the wisest thing to do. Too much of “let’s get on our knees and see what happens” leads to unending “fellatio” jokes. This is not the photo that will bring fond memories twenty years later.

#6 Doggy style

Let’s go for an idyllic photo shoot in the countryside and capture the love in perfect harmony with nature. All sounds good on paper until you get two dogs on camera doing their thing. To be more unreal, these two look very similar in color to the bride and groom. Guess they found inspiration for an afternoon quickie.

#5 Flying like a bird

Crushing gender stereotypes in one slightly awkward photo. The groom is so graceful and elegant like a bird you would think he is a professional ballet dancer or they practiced so many times, the bride is signing up for “Best Arm Muscles” competition.

#4 Photobomb

Every now and then brides are insecure about their looks and fear bridesmaids are going to steal attention from them. But, when an ugly-toothed horse does that- it’s epic and deserves a cover page in the wedding album. Reaching for the bouquet means only one thing- it’s mating season and someone is about to get lucky.

#3 Chew your commitment

This photo is literally oldie but Goldie. Remember the days when people simply put good old- fashioned wedding rings on their ring fingers and hoped for happily ever after? Maybe this couple is performing a Bite Test to check if the gold is real. Where all their subtlety went?

#2 The Rabbit, the Fox and the Bear

Another weird wedding photo that looks like an art installation or preparation for a role- play that’s about to happen. Clearly, someone is going to get “eaten”. We support creativity and self- expression, but guys, this is borderline creepy.

#1 Tossing your dinner away

There are million ways to create awkwardness with wedding photos and this couple should write a book on it. At normal weddings, flowers are being tossed up as a symbol of togetherness and hope that married life will start with a sweet flowery note. However, tossing chickens in the air has absolutely no meaning, except that the newlyweds are total weirdos and a KFC fans.

  1. Cucciolotta 2005 puppy says

    guardate a 5:02

  2. Cris John Fuentes says

    6:49, don't throw them away because they'll fly away!

  3. Cris John Fuentes says

    5:46, i think that that horse wants to eat the woman's flowers, it smelled it first before he ate it……..

  4. Cris John Fuentes says

    3:42, SUPERMAN!

  5. The Real Sheepy says


  6. tranceskill says

    this vid should call the worst wedding photographers ever ! xD keep the interesting thinks HE ! (Y)

  7. ghost troLL says

    and fourth. just just had to play with the loserz

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    lovely lovely

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