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Ruth Otero Photographer of my shoot:

Outfits that I used for my shoot:

Blue Strapless Dress with open front

Lace Dress:

Blue Robe:

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I used the Ardell Studio Effects Demi Wispies for the lashes.

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  1. Jasmine Williamson says

    These pictures are everything!

  2. Tammi Clevenger says

    Love the milk bath 🛁

  3. Lori Cook says

    I love the purple dress photos but they are all so so great

  4. Lauren lauren says

    That lace dress !! I been looking for a dress like that so thank you for this video !!! How was the sizing ??

  5. What size did you use in the lace debating between large and XX large

  6. Mary Juke says

    Beautiful! !

  7. Tia McCullough says

    The bath photo is flawless!!! I'm having a baby boy and loved how the blue looks on you. All your pics are stunning thanks for sharing

  8. Holly Peterson says

    I really appreciate this, thank you. Hubby and I are doing our shoot this weekend (I'll be 35 wks with our 1st) & I'm so awkward, our wedding/engagement photos were a struggle. Especially since I have scars on my arms that I don't want to showcase and I already feel like a bloated unsexy whale, the thought of capturing that forever makes me uneasy. Now, I think I can rest a bit easy since our photographer is a close friend. Fingers crossed! Beautiful pics btw, LOVE that dress!

  9. Raven Rosas says

    How long was the shipping on the lace dress, if you remember

  10. Nina Estrada says

    I love your lace dress! I want to by from amazon but idk wat size to get😫 can u please tell me wat size u got so that i can kinda know wat size to get

  11. Sol Nava says

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 love love love. Beautiful natural pics

  12. Master Chief says

    awesome pics. COMPOSITION IS GREAT. IF your photographer could change the pics ask him to BLUR THE fence on the back ground, window pics are taken with the camera shooting from the side for ambience light not in front, and match the color the bra. to the gown, it would be a nice touch. I HAVE DONE THE SAME DETAIL FLAWS ON MY SHOOTS BEFORE.

  13. Kim Basciano says

    Gorgeous!! I just found out YouTube unsubscribed me from you!

  14. brigette middleton says

    Beautiful pictures!

  15. Julie May says

    So beautiful girl!!!

  16. nuevagracia says

    Meli estas bella! Dios te bendiga en esta nueva etapa, la mas maravillosa,,, ser madre.
    Gracias por compartir tan importante momento y felicidades a ambos.

  17. MakeupYanyGlam says

    que hermosa melissa awww q emosion muchas bendiciones para ti y familia ..XoXo

  18. Lauren Alexandra says

    This was great melissa you look so happy & beautiful! Your friend did a wonderful job <3<3

  19. beamer bentley says

    En todas las fotos te ves hermosa, pero las que más me gustaron fueron últimas donde estás en la tina y con ese vestido azul 😍😍😍

  20. Beulah307 says

    Melissa you are SO DAMN beautiful!! Congrats on your pregnancy, love ❤💖👶🏻

  21. Britanny G says

    You look stunning!!! Congrats once again 😍😍

  22. candy6469 says

    You look so pretty. The pictures are amazing

  23. sanitha lancaster says

    You look stunning in all the pics

  24. AntoniettaNacc says

    Photos are beautiful ! U guys look great!

  25. Raiider Momma says

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  26. Vicky Rita says

    Wow!! Hermosas fotos =) felicidades.

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