Leica M10 review

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Leica cameras are more than just about specs and megapixels. They are about experience and emotion, a feel that you can only get with a Leica. The new M10 embodies this better than any prior Leica camera. Subscribe:

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  1. Ek Chuah Studios says

    Great info, thanks.

  2. Fahim Mosharrof Ratul says

    That "feel" of a Leica is the feeling of your wallet draining

  3. arpit says

    @The Verge: Could you please slow down your light speed speech, let the audience understand and actually get what you are trying to say in your video (And for crying out loud take a breath here and there, it's free)
    Even so you must have put a ton of efforts into this video, and as much as I wanted to really absorb everything you presented (well some of it atleast, to be practical), I couldn't at all.

  4. Moriar Teaa says

    "Das Wiesenlitsche" XD

  5. Moriar Teaa says

    Today on things you can never afford

  6. Vaporweave says

    0:04 snot on iPhone 7

  7. Conrad says

    im german and you spell das wesentliche wrong

  8. VariTimo says

    Since when are Reportage and streetphotography low speed scenarios?

  9. Chris Foong says

    Using a rangefinder camera has a certain feel to it. In the 60s and early 70s there were quite a few brands that uses the rangefinder focusing system. Now, it is only Leica that still uses this method. Good work and keep it up Leica. Good that they drop tbe video capability. I am very annoyed that many younger users always demand that a camera MUST shoot video. If it does not shoot 4K video, they will rate it as bad. Why can't a user just buy a video camera if he want to shoot video?

  10. Sven Vranken says

    6500 smackers?! ALAARRM ALAAARM ALAAAARM (U-boot alarm) Und jetst tauchen!!!

  11. my mother was a ninja says

    Holds a Leica and takes pictures of ?

  12. Classic Moments says

    Steiglitz is dead. Thanks for the review. What a waste of money.

  13. Fajrina Alliomar says

    Buy me one

  14. James Kirk says

    the electronic components are from Panasonic, right ?

  15. stefan klisarov says

    street photography a "low speed scenario" … ok

  16. sunshine blue says

    i wish, he could stop saying the das Wesentliche….

  17. VariTimo says

    It took me a few moths to get sufficient with the rangefinder of my M5. And with that I can’t even see the photos right away.

  18. Shemar Collier says


  19. Jean Sicard says

    can you seriously shoot with leather
    gloves on!

  20. Jj Sands says

    "Leica cameras are more than just about specs and megapixels."?? Did you read that in Leica's advertising brochure. Pathetic slave.

  21. rohan ariyaratne says

    You can buy 2 sony a7 r3 for this prise

  22. ArcticPoise says

    I'm honestly not surprised people would buy this inferior camera over other, cheaper, better cameras.

  23. FL Mail says

    Das Wesentlitschä

  24. Mike Sekaquaptewa says

    I like how the, "modern conveniences," of most digital cameras have hindered the average shooter. The speed of this camera is reliant on the speed of the the hand, eye, and memory. Manual focus/exposure cameras shot kids and sports for decades with accuracy. But, it never was the camera responsible for the image, it was always the photographer.

  25. Adrian Denila says

    Still bloody expensive! I'd rather buy the Sony a9 🙂

  26. Ich nehme einen McChicken says

    1:45 i usually use my mp5 for that

  27. thomas f says

    Man, you didn't even try to pronounce "das Wesentliche" correctly. Try harder, it's not Italian, it's German.

  28. Nando & Blonde Moby Dick says

    to go fast with Leica for focucing it is good to have an idea where your Hyperfocal is, i worked for a few years with Leica and either it is not so difficult to allign the focus in the viewfinder if you need to go fast, the hyperfocal system is better, like some videographer who use gimbal does those days, for close up and bokeh you generally have time to proper allign the squars in the viewfinder

  29. Joachim Rydelius says

    ”Snot on Iphone 7”

  30. TopEvt says

    $ 10,000 ? hmm no thanks I will go for Olympus and keep the rest in pocket for shoots or spend on lighting

  31. gunzlingerbil says

    In a generation, no one would want it. Maybe Germans but that's about it.

  32. junekowsky onez says

    Leica film cameras can’t be beat. Digital is far from bulletproof and still lacks in what an m6 is capable steadily for years and decades to come but has amazing qualities. Still, Sony and fujifilm kills an m10.

  33. Harryw007 says

    I've got a M10! But made by Canon…

  34. Matthew Riva says

    I’m calling bs on its hard to manual focus… if you never shot with a rangefinder you shouldn’t even be holding a leica. Within half an hour anyone can figure out how to zone focus and use the in rangefinder eyepiece focus guides.

  35. Badhon Ebrahim says

    faul camera.

  36. Xella E says

    6500 for FEEL!!!!!!

  37. O Trader says

    Plenty charm, little value for the money!

  38. byebyebeano says

    Fuji xpro-2

  39. Christopher R. Perez says

    this guy is a joke, Leica's can do it all, as long as you know photography…..

  40. Elton Teng says

    "It could take years to proficient with the rangefinder focusing and metering system" This is what happens when you have a random gadget guy reviewing a piece of specialized camera gear after 10 minutes of handling it. I'm surprised he didn't complain bitterly about the exclusive pricing being undemocratic, classist, and the "whiteness" of the company.

    Digital photography has made manual focusing and metering exceptional easy to learn and master without spending a lot of time. Btw, I've shot baseball and basketball games with my Leica M9. No, it's bad for sports.

    Oh, yes, bright light source will throw off any matrix metering system. And, no, you don't always have to have your subject in the center of the frame. Gadget guy should have spent more than 10 minutes with the camera to try to review it.

  41. Fluterra says

    The Verge is the worst tech publication.

  42. Gear Zen says

    A Canon 1d x mkii is $5500 for the body. Add an L lens and you are in Leica territory.

  43. Joe Trent says

    Not fast enough? Learn zone focusing. There's a certain skill to it (and some say luck) but imo it's certainly more satisfying than letting autofocus do all the work.

  44. Anna Ann says

    great leica M10 shot:  https://flic.kr/p/22BLLZ1

  45. Dalton Lim says

    Not sure if i'm digging up a dead video, but cant help but notice how so many things is wrong with this video.
    1) He seems to be focusing with the aperture ring @1min57sec. I shoot with a M7 and i for sure know that looking through the viewfinder, nothing is gonna change when you adjust the aperture back and forth.
    2) @2min30sec He mentions how its difficult to nail the focus shooting with lens with wide aperture i.e.f1.4. Focusing is independent of lens you use. Finding the center plane of focus is the same regardless of lens used. The aperture affects the depth of field. Shooting wide open and not nailing the focus does not mean its hard to focus. It means you lack the understanding of depth of field. Which is can be visually represented on the lens itself.

    Leica M cameras are not complex beasts to understand. Nonetheless this video has shown little effort in trying to understand how the M system works. Like it was made purely for viewership cos the M10 is the new expensive toy. Its videos like this that makes ppl think leica is an overpriced luxury toy. Leica may not be leaps and bounds ahead of other camera brands in terms of sensor tech and image quality under high ISO. Instead it is the high standards of mechanical precision that these systems require. Just try to understand how these lens focuses when you adjust the focus ring or how the split image of the viewfinder is coupled to the lens to determine the plane of focus. All this requires a hell lot or precision to engineer. Incorporate it with some of the latest electronics, Leica has created a piece of fine art in such a small form factor. Its like comparing quartz watch to a high precision mechanical watch. The quartz watch will give you a more accurate tie anytime of the day, but it is this pursuit for mechanical perfection that makes the mechanical watches more pricey. Is it perfect? Maybe not but it is definitely real.

  46. SSchithFoo says

    In otherwords, typical european bullshit marketing aimed at snobs and marks. Just like their cars.

  47. Bunker Bunt says

    Hey Krauts – Sank you for trÄÄÄweling …

  48. Sean Coyne says

    The first photo I ever took was with my father's M3, when I was four years old, back in 1956 (he was a machinist and loved them). I've lost that shot, but I still have the one he took of me catching tiddlers in a stream in England. You either understand a Leica, or you don't. If you don't, you can make a complete arse of yourself by having a moan.

  49. Pulsonar says

    With the Q I took a photo of the M10 in a shop window …The Leica family album has begun.

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