I Took Pictures of Dogs on the Street, Pet Photography

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All images shot with Canon 5D mrk iii + Sigma 35mm 1.4

Inspiration The Dogist :

My Assistant Matt :

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  1. Irene Rudnyk says

    Totally forgot to mention that all shots are taken with Canon 5d mrk iii + Sigma 35mm 1.4 🙂

  2. Krista Bee123 says

    Lol so cute! Did anyone say no?

  3. Franck Leclerc says

    What about cats?

  4. Lisa S says

    Such a good video! Photography + Dogs! Great idea

  5. KIESE MEDIA says

    Impressive video.I enjoyed watching it.
    Keep going .I follow your channel.
    I would appreciate it when you support me too 😃 ❤&✌

  6. Anna Romanov says

    So cute! I love love love this idea! ))

  7. frankie says

    are you based in Calgary?

  8. Peter Hoffmann says

    Nice results for the beginning

  9. Olivia Hulsman says

    You can be the female version of a Dogist!


    I wish you saw us! We would give you some awesome shots!

  11. Marc says

    I've done about 1,000 dog photos, biggest tip: get the leash to relax

  12. Viviana Pereira says

    Omg I definitely have to try this out, adorable dogs and amazing shots Irene.

  13. João Dourado says

    please repeat <3

  14. rex racer says

    Top tip Irene: Bring a squeak toy👍…

  15. Jamie Young says

    I go to the park and love taken peoples dogs lol

  16. Nina Bean says

    How did you edit your photos? They are so good!!

  17. Lorena Aguilar says

    Please totally do this again!!! I smiled the entire video lol

  18. dctwo3663 says

    Can you try to take a running dog ?

  19. Sam & Dean says

    What focus mode did you use for these shots? I love how many lovely portraits you got 😍

  20. Nick F says

    If your photographing pets bring dog treats.

  21. Danton McDiffett says

    Fun video, even for a cat lover. But it would sure be nice to know your settings, particularly how you metered the various exposures–spot, center-weighted, evaluative?

  22. Revolutions88 says

    Fuck people I am gonna take photos of dogs from now on

  23. madebybinh says

    The dogist is a weird guy…. He's an antisocial loner

  24. n1rwana says

    TBH 1.4 not really good with that distance cos its gonna separate head from the neck and body the dog it self, 5.6 could be better or around 2.8.
    love the tips <3

  25. mpkComics says

    Make a video with cats🙌🙏

  26. NikonChic 954 says

    This is a fun project. Literally dogs galore over there!!! I had a chihuahua climb on my lap when I was kneeling down to get a shot her. The owner was like she does not do that to everyone.

  27. IG RCCSSS says

    What focus setting did you use during that?
    Ive been wanting to take more of my puppy but I find spot focus is a bit tough to get clear eye photos.
    Couple on my Instagram if you’d wanna see. Rccsss

  28. Jess Irwin says

    So wish I was there😂 my dog loves having photos taken of him 😍

  29. tracie mobley says

    So fun!

  30. Rui Tavares says

    love the project, congratulations.

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