9 photo composition tips (feat. Steve McCurry)

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COOPH presents a photography tutorial with 9 tips and tricks on photo composition, using the help of Steve McCurry’s incredible photographs. Special thanks go to Steve McCurry for his time and permission to use his photographs in this video!

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Producer: Ulrich Grill, zooom productions (
Videographer / Editing: Andrea Schernthaner

  1. 창수오 SooOh says

    멋진 영상이네요 잘 보고 갑니다

  2. omed sawnd. says

    #pasha infotmtion

  3. Jadir Jafir says

    The last tip and the first tip is contradictory to each other. Help

  4. Ankan Tantubay says

    Most of all picture included Indian culture..

  5. Ronald Jacinto says

    Guyz i just dn what this video taught.. see my channel guyz and see the output. Thanks guyz. Thanks CooPH

  6. Avik Mondal says

    Are few shots from India🇮🇳? Wishes from India men.

  7. BÈLIMAJ Production says

    2019 like

  8. saravanan govindaswamy says


  9. Eder Faria says

    Muito bom. Trabalho excepcional. Coisa linda demais.

  10. Oh my god! You came in Cambodia,please tell me when u come later?

  11. Ali Kibirige says

    I can't resist to like, its awesome

  12. Amit Rathod says

    Very well explained. I learned something which I didnt know but obvious.

  13. aemeric English says

    1. use natural frame (1.00)

  14. Prasun Bhowmick says

    So many things to learn

  15. TIME walker says


  16. Smelly San says

    What music is this? so beautiful

  17. Technological Video says

    I want to see editing video

  18. Ferlian Satria says

    Wow. Thanks that's really helped me.

  19. Kürşad Tufan says

    Can you share photo values in the video? ( ISO, ENSTANTANE and DIYAFRAM )

  20. MQ Rahman says

    0:39 This photo is from my country. #Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  21. Nimo Mohamed says

    It is interesting

  22. AncheNo says

    Have you read about the Steve Photoshop scandal ? He delivered to an exhibition some prints with Photoshop errors. He said later that he's a storyteller, not just a photographer…….

  23. Mark Steven Concepcion says

    Thank you for the tips. Its really great help me to start shooting photos 🙂

  24. MegaInformazione says

    All in all SMC. is not that awesome photographer most of people believe

  25. Vietnam Imperial TV says


  26. Madhu DIY says

    Wow so useful ,tomorrow I have a photographing competition hope I do my best thanks

  27. The Zone says

    0:44 in cambodia

  28. AGORA images says

    Hi COOPH/Steve ! Thanks for creating such awesome content. We loved this video so much we decided to include it in one of our blog posts and share it with our community, check it out – https://agoraimages.com/blog/2018/08/14/photography-tutorials-improve-skills/ . Please feel free to share it on your social media channels 😊
    Keep creating!
    AGORA Team

  29. Dimitrios Karagiannis says

    love it, so valuable!

  30. JunWoo Park says

    보고 또 봐도 소름돋는 사진.. 정말 제대로된 멋진 사진을 봤다.

  31. JunWoo Park says

    모든 사진이 소름이 돋는 사진이다.

  32. ranvids says

    How do you know which eye is dominant?

  33. Danyia Hudson-Nunn says

    wow ! this video has really taught me things. i might have to use this for a assignment in my digital programming class.

  34. Bucket List Retreats says

    Thank you for sharing! XO, Kelly

  35. MENG HOK says

    0:42 that's Angkor Wat Temple ❤️❤️❤️🇰🇭🇰🇭

  36. Buddhaditya Padhi says

    Less talk and more info!! This is certainly a go-to video for beginners!!

  37. COOPH Fans_Ideas says


  38. COOPH Fans_Ideas says

    I like this COOPH

  39. Rajan Vishwakarma says

    thank uhh sir

  40. Amrit Shakya says

    please do the video with iPhone too

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