Father. Photographer. Child Pornographer?

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In April 2014 photographer Wyatt Neumann went on a two week road trip with his two year old daughter Stella. Over the course of the trip Neumann photographed his daughter in various locations, sometimes with clothes on, sometimes without. He posted the photos to Instagram and aroused the interest of a blog called Get Off My Internets that made it their mission of the moment to get Neumann’s Instagram account shut down. Within 24 hours it had worked, and Neumann’s Instagram account (and Facebook) was temporarily shut down. In response, Neumann created a show at SOHO’s Safari Gallery displaying his photographs, which he considers both art, and part of his freedom of expression. He calls the exhibit “I Feel Sorry for Your Children: The Sexualization of Innocence in America.” His mission is to create a discourse between people on both freedom of expression as well as how society tends to sexualize the natural acts of children.

  1. Stefan Uttam says

    The photo when the daughter is putting her hands down her pants THAT IS WRONG SICK. The photo of the daughter underwear was down THAT IS WRONG SICK. Why would you want to take photo of your child naked? This father is sick in the head. 30 years ago it would have been a different story but today parents must be careful. For example when I was 2 my mom took a photo of me in the bath tub however today I would NEVER EVER do that to my 3 year old daughter.

  2. jdlech says

    His naivete is astounding. Everyone knows not to put naked pics of your children online. Even taking pictures of you nude children is really skirting the line… Imagine the police finding those pictures in your home. Rule of thumb is – never ever ever ever EVER put pictures of your children on the internet. Even if they're bundled up in snowmobile suits, there's guaranteed someone out there who would see that picture and fondle himself thinking about having sex with your child.
    The internet NEVER forgets. So your child will someday be looking for a job and his potential employer will find pictures of him naked. How do you think that will go over? Do you even think about that?
    He's the adult. He's the one who is supposed to exercise discretion for his children. If he's running around whoring them out for the internet before they even get a chance to understand what he's doing to them, then he's clearly a bad parent. Bad enough that he shouldn't even be a parent. It doesn't matter what his intentions were – he whored his child out to the internet for the attention.

  3. Connie McGee says

    I don't believe two yr old girls should bathe with their dads. Why take naked photos of a child when you can just as easily take pictures of them at least with underwear on.. Not down to their knees. That's what is wrong with people.. They don't raise their child to be modest… Not naked for the world to see. If you choose to take naked photos of a child you risk being judged by others who see the photos or authorities getting involved to protect the child from perverts.

  4. Sasuke Uchiha says

    How da fuq did she get up there? Did he throw her? Lmao He better have caught her.

  5. Average teen girl says

    I can't take the US serious anymore.

  6. St. Haborym says

    Why is the lttle girl flipping the bird at 0:32

  7. Zoeii ZiZZles says

    i have a 5 year old daughter who as soon as she gets home she is down to her panties in about 1 minute. when she takes a bath she is always calling me or her mom into the bathroom. i think people who look at children's behavior as sexual have a problem themselves, my daughter knows nothing about sex, she is not embarrassed by her nudity at all, we adults are the ones with the problem

  8. Sean Boyle says

    tbh you shouldn't be uploading pictures like this. God knows what creep is looking

  9. Casey Carter says

    Anyone who expects a toddler to keep their clothes on has never seen one IRL.

  10. 張德銘 says


  11. Jonathan Suzanne Cox says

    Well here's my two cents 🙂 I think the real issue isn't whether or not it's wrong for a father take pictures of his child naked. That's just common sense! And what people say about it, says more about them than about him. The real problem , I think, is posting everything about our lives online. Some things should be kept private and special. Seems like that is a totally foreign Idea in this day and age though.

  12. D. Allen Martin says

    People in the US oversexualize just about everything, but simple nudity most of all. The essence of innocence is to not yet know that a thing even CAN be perverted, much less to be intent on, or even aware of how to go about perverting it. There is an innocence to these images both in the fact that the kid has no concept of sexuality as being connected to the freedom of not having her dress on. To her, getting out of her clothes is not something dirty, and it shouldn't be at that age. There is also an innocence in the outlook of the photographer as a father just capturing those innocent moments in his child's life through the lens. Those who look at these pics and immediately go to that place in their heads, I have to wonder about THEM more than about this father / photographer. Everyone is SO quick these days to hunt for something to scream about, to play the victim or to accuse someone of being a victimizer, it's just such a waste of time and energy! When I look at these images, my first thoughts go back to when my kids were little and running around with no clothes and not a care in the world, happy and free from all this sort of drama and BS. Those who look at these images and instead think about child predators and doing nasty shit with little kids, those are the "sick fucks" in my opinion.

  13. Kathleen L.A says

    My family used to take photos of me on the potty and naked and stuff it's a little girl as if he would see it like that.

  14. Tit Nutz says

    I feel bad for Wyatt

  15. TheNarwhal Narwhal says


  16. Matthew Fernandez says

    i don't see anything wrong with that at all

  17. takeaway guru says

    the Human Race has been throughout the ages, a victim of it's own mass hysteria, the drowning of witches in the days of yore as an example, the naked child is the latest thing which we cannot cope with, so a man who has child porn on his hard drive gets sentenced to 600 years in the USA

  18. Anadel Baughn Barbour says

    It is such an important issue. Being a sexologist and family therapist, I am aware of the confusion that arises in these instances. The reality is that global access creates dangers. In the U. S. mixed messages regarding sex combined with free speech have made Americans choose sides that never before existed. Parents will always see their children naked. Paintings and photographs of naked children have been hanging in galleries and put into photo albums for centuries! The reality is that the internet allows the images to be shown anywhere, at any time, to anyone. It is the responsibility of the parents who are posting their naked children to understand that there will be people who seek these innocent and artistic images, look at their children and masturbate. Parents choose who see their children naked. The internet makes the control of who sees the photos/videos impossible. Without a true right or wrong from the standpoint of a parent, modern day sensibilities need to come in to play, free speech or not.

  19. John Champagne says

    The photos are beautiful, and the controversy illustrates something that should be obvious: meaning is always contextual, always the result of the specific transaction between reader and image. If anyone is interested, Kobena Mercer's essay "Just Looking for Trouble" is a terrific exploration of this idea.

  20. Paul McGuigan says

    I can't believe how people think like that it's disgusting that man can't take pictures of his daughter without be labelled for something disgusting

  21. Ronnie Dean says

    Thank you, Wyatt. Your photography is beautiful, capturing innocence at it's most pure. There are way to many religious fanatics out there.

  22. Jerkari Hendrix says

    they have innocence but adults don't

  23. The Opinionator says

    So what's the child to think of the photos when she get older since she didn't have a choice whether she wanted them or not.

  24. Gregarious3 says

    Eeek, context is what makes something innocent love of parent documenting his child vs sicko saying "hey, is this sexy".

  25. Taylor Marie says

    in my baby book, more than half pf the pictures are of me naked. my dad took those photos, and never once have i thought, "how creepy" or "my dad is a rapist." thats her father! thats his profession! these people are sexualizing that girl more than they claim that he is!

  26. Daniel Fluxanity says

    people these day's see everything in a sick and sexualized way sadly…. even when eating a banana XD

  27. Angel Sd says

    He randomly died !!!!! Read the article! Sorry but therrs more to this a young guy like him mysteriously dies … After posting this type of photography Blurred lines

  28. KevZen2000 says

    Child pornography needs to be legal. I am not for it, but arresting people for this is bad, and a form of tyranny. It is just videos, images, etc., and not something in reality, but a fantasy. Do not let your emotions or feelings get involved, but let freedom be your victor.

  29. TypoCat says

    Okay lets get one thing straight if people wanna get butt hurt about a little girl running around naked in a photo then lets flag all my fucking baby pictures and also lets flag all the 3 days of peace woodstock festival too because there lots naked kids running around there too while were at it lets fucking glue close to our private parts so no one gets offended these people need grow fuck up

  30. David Lennox says

    Its just the sad world we live in now. The guy did nothing worn but he should have known better.

  31. Flesh Robe says

    RIP Wyatt

  32. Maladaptive Daydreamer says

    These aren't sexual. It's just a kid. Kids get naked and run around the house. They're kids. He's just a father enjoying being one by taking photos. Everyone's acting like he's a pedo for not being Amish.

  33. James Myers says

    A woman named Sally Mann took lots of photos of her nude children, I don't know the years, but when her son said he was uncomfortable with it she stopped taking nude photos of him. As far as I know she kept taking nude photos of her daughters. Jock Sturges is another photographer that got famous taking nude photos of children, most notably a young girl named Misty Dawn. I've seen about all of both photographers work and thought it was beautiful and not pornographic at all. I'm sure there are others that did the same type of art that I'm just not aware of but even if people view it as child porn I would much rather have them buy their work and masturbate than go attack a child. My wife used to say that any nude photo is porn but I really don't believe that to be true at all.

  34. Mag Nificent says

    Eh, yeah, shots of your naked 2 yr old daughter nestled between your hairy thighs in a bath tub are sooo innocent. Yuck, I mean the gross factor is quite high.

  35. dragonslayer015 says

    Isn't there people that stand naked and others would paint them?

  36. Mika Mitena says

    Absolutely absurd! ! Dads a brilliant photographer and stella is an angelic lil model.
    Unfortunately the fact is people are programmed with 'Triggers' nowadays and since there is so much sickness out there coming from do many different directions, the sheep are having a very difficult time understanding the balance. The artistry is amaxing and Stella is beautiful. The sicko lunatics pointing fingers might need to check their own closets first seems too me they're oversexualized misconceptions have them malfunctioning

  37. Lazy Gamer says

    interesting, a man takes pictures of his daughter nude and everyone is going crazy about it, while this lady sally mann been taking photos of her children naked and people call it art

    what a sexist world we live in.

  38. Kay K. says

    I don't care what  else anyone thinks, but what the child might think when she gets older. What if when she's older she doesn't what naked pictures of herself online and pictures exposing her vagina? I do believe people sexualizing this child is sick, but what about that?

  39. TairaNo Kiyomune says

    I saw a media or parents post picture of a naked boy, nobody give uproar
    Then i saw a parents especially dad post a photo of his daughter happy jumping on bed while nude, everybody loose their mind #fatherrights #fathersrights #mensrights #doublestandards #ItsOnlySexistWhenMenDoIt

  40. michael clausing says

    Everything with nude people in it must be porn just because that's all some people think of.

  41. Nicola S says

    I hate how all nudity is sexualised. The naked human body should not be correlated with sexual activity but rather nature and beauty. What a sad world we live in where people must assume that if someone is nude they are partaking in sexual activity.

  42. snarbush says

    Oh how the world has digressed and it's a shame really. 50 years ago when i was a kid it was normal to take photos of one's children, naked at times, in all their moments of expression without a nary of consequence. Of course with no internet family's would share their photo's with friends, neighbor, other family etc…including some nudes within the context of all pictures. Then too was the beginning of the feel good and be one with one's body and family nude beaches etc…It was all about liberation of one's body and as such kids grew up with a healthy view of their bodies instead of a shaming excuse, Being naked wasn't a problem in the household and with friends at times as it was innocent and it was kept that way. Now as we all see and the poster points out children have been sexualized and all men are considered perverts. Children now are shamed about there bodies and taught to be on guard from all the perverts etc. And again we as a society have reverted to body shaming and sex is dirty and since children have now been sexualized then anyone taking those pics and anyone viewing those pics must be sick perverts. So Sad! These are actually great photos as an artistic expression and captures the girls expression of the moment that really has great depth in totality, some nude some not. These are great and and i don't see any perversion here. We now live in a culture that everything is viewed from the worst possible perspective by most people and is treated as such instead of looking at the positve and appreciating what one see's. The law is always there to nail perverts and should be able to separate real child porn from non child porn. But instead it's all categorized and looked at the same.

  43. MyCare Bear says

    We need ""Pedo Solution"" and ""Discrimination Solution too"" Welcome to my "discuddion area " in my channel.

  44. Víctor Nabateo says

    Sociedad enferma, corrupta, solo un enfermo ve algo pecaminoso en esas fotos, vaya mierda de educación y valores, nada de extrañar de un país que nació a la sombra de puritanos protestantes, ¡Qué coraje! pero a la vez nadie se queja de los niños muertos y abusados por el ejército estadounidense en el mundo, hipócritas

  45. TheMachetegaming Plays says

    What I think is funny is that instead of doing this privately they posted the naked pics on YouTube. Now that is fucked up

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