5 Best Canon Camera in 2019

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→Canon PowerShot ELPH 190
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→Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II
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→Canon EOS REBEL T7i
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→Canon EOS 6D Mark II
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→Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
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We have just laid out the top five Canon cameras on the market today. In 5th place we have the Canon PowerShot ELPH 190, which offers a nice zoom length and compact design that makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go.
In 4th place is the Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II, which has a very sleek retro look with a slim design and advanced image processor. In 3rd place is the EOS Rebel T7i, which offers high-speed continuous shooting and a sophisticated color filtration system.
In 2nd place is the EOS 6D Mark II, which has a nice dual-pixel autofocus system as well as optional low-energy Bluetooth for fast wireless connectivity.
In 1st place is the Mark IV, which takes amazingly beautiful photos and 4K video. It also has a responsive touchscreen display and rugged construction that is perfect for those who do a lot of outdoor shooting.

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  1. Sons Of Odin says


  2. C O says

    Did you get Verge to build your computer?

  3. Glober Mister says

    Canon est dépassé !!!
    Tant qu’ils feront les sourdes oreilles est bridé les modèles…..

  4. Philippe Priam says

    Canon 80D isn’t Full Frame camera. Beginner’s mistake dude

  5. Parity3rr0r says

    Description doesn't match up with video…

  6. Abdalle AB says

    GivE mE Subscribe Plz

  7. Brad Snyder says

    Well … as a lot have already said, the 80d is not full frame, so your entire video is suspect

  8. John Prescod says

    Apart from the 80D boo boo i wonder why you never mentioned EOS R which outshines all you have mentioned honestly

  9. nacho dure says

    The best canon camera 2019: no one

  10. SHerif fahMY says

    i wish to have one of them soon

  11. X Man says

    Why sl2, T7i better than 80D and 6DII????

  12. Kamil Marzec says

    This is not a good video . 1- 80D is not full frame. I start to believe that the author has no idea about DSLR's ! He mentions that 5D can shoot both JPEGs and RAW ! WOW SERIOUSLY ?! This must be the only camera in the world that shoots both jpeg and raw !!! Oh wait….Probably every DSLR camera model , including the cheep one's lets you do that ! I just checked on my old 550D that is probably about 8 years old and it has that "functionality" ! You clearly have no knowledge of DSLR technology and your video is purely a bad advertisement !

  13. Mark Pryborowski says


  14. shopping online says

    I want to ask you about how you make this video please reply

  15. Rob D says

    sad… has anyone used a Sony?

  16. Twarx says

    Where is the eos r I Think in 2019 its better to buy a System camera 🤔

  17. Øyvind Hauge says

    So out of this world.

  18. illya ovchar says

    Well since 80d is full frame. My 1dx is medium format and Hasselblad is well OMFGITSSOBIG frame hahahha

  19. CasperMelchiorBalthasar says

    80D is full frame… LMAO!!!!

  20. mark rigg says

    You idiots should have taken this video down. Wrong info causes people to buy the wrong camera.

  21. Mr.Arun Ganesan says

    Is it good to go with 200d ? Any suggestions on that people

  22. Snehasis Chatterjee says

    Since when 80d become a full frame camera????

  23. NiteSek says

    Damn near 100 people have said the same shit in this comment section. If you see that like a dozen people have already said something, then what kind of person would just willy nilly type that same thing AGAIN? ?…. Oh yh, that's right… A vacuous moron… Honestly, you people in this comment section are just annoying at this point. Have some god damn originality people. Jeez… WE GET IT! ! He made a mistake. It's not a full frame camera. God damn. Shut the FACK UP! ! Lol

  24. Love Narumi says

    80D issue here. My comment just passing by. continue scrolling down. Have some drink first. 🍹

  25. Adam Walsh says

    I turned off the video as soon as I heard him say the 80D is a full frame camera obviously this guys an idiot if he gets that wrong

  26. mohamad mahdavi says

    hey its wrong, 80d is not a full frame camera!!

  27. I was looking for Canon by Pachelbel
    Youtube gave me this

  28. Benedict Lucena says


  29. TheDanish Farmer says

    80D is not full frame.
    Stopped there and gave it a thumb down. Embarrassing…!!!!

  30. Vladimir Lastname says

    I got t7i for 500 and bought a used lens for it for 40 bucks

  31. Freelance says

    I’ve never seen so many advertisements in one video. I’ll never watch anything from this channel again.

  32. J. A. Jones says

    I like my 80D no it’s not a full frame but it can take beautiful pictures 🙂

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