a "i'm done with high school" morning routine VLOG

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it’s senior year and you’ve got a couple days of high school left… this is what my morning routine looked like. a “i’m done with high school” morning routine vlog. i vlogged my morning routine just like i did last year, one last realistic quirky high school morning routine for you guys… only a couple more high school videos left AH SO WEIRD

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p.s. this was NOT a sponsored video!

thank you for watching and supporting me i love you so incredibly much and i’ll see ya in the next video!

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  1. Fiona C says

    Why does she caption everything she says

  2. Natalie Schmitz says

    Dude why did seniors just get out today at my school?

  3. yanaa lol says

    how did u even lose ur tooth?

  4. yanaa lol says

    how did u even lose ur tooth?

  5. Marilyn C says

    AHHHH trigger warning in the beginning for anyone with that alarm on their alexa lol

  6. Liv & Kenna says

    Ur room is SO PRETTY

  7. Isabella Plyler says

    i’m not trying to be a butt, but i just wanted to let you know “there” is misspelled on your company’s website:*💗

  8. cmbear09 says

    anyone else so excited

  9. Victoria Silva says

    now that you're done with high school, could you do a video on ur experience with people not being the nicest to you in junior year? if its too personal then don't stress!

  10. laura Mart says

    What is the song at the end I can’t find it

  11. beautybyania says

    can you do a senior year advice videoo please <3

  12. Alexis Hanson says

    what song does she always put at the end of her videos?

  13. Mack T says

    Aww I’m gonna miss these

  14. Keturah Blaser says

    please do a how to stay motivated for school and have energy. And how to keep pushing urself to do the best u can

  15. Hey It’s Lina says

    Who else loves Hannah?

    P.S. small YouTuber here 🙂

  16. Josie B says

    You have the exact same coffee machine as me 😂🙌🏼😘

  17. Alexa G says

    crazy crazy graduation!! congrats hannah!

  18. Sara Bobiak says

    who takes selfies in the morning like what

  19. Dina Si says

    „Alexa off Alexa off Alexa off“ haha i love you 😂❤️

  20. Sofia Pinto says

    Please film a "what i eat in a day" video!

  21. Danique Corman says

    Does anyone know some influencers/ (insta)models from Miami??? Which I can contact, I’m a photographer based in The Netherlands, soon coming to Miami!😍🌈🌵

  22. wiki says

    ahaha you look so cute without your tooth

  23. Maria Raminhos says

    I am from Portugal hiiii

  24. Maddie Winkler says

    pls plssss make a high school advice video

  25. Reese says

    highschool advice!!!

  26. MXYVMH H says


  27. Amanda Merrell says

    High school “da da da”

  28. Sophia Rios says


  29. Celina Anglemyer says

    Your so pretty!! You look bomb without makeup too.
    P.s. I just uploaded a grwm too❤️

  30. keren ramos says

    Freshman Advice please 😂

  31. Juliann Marchand says

    What’s the last song called ?? & literally Hannah it feels like we’re graduating together haha

  32. Erin and Addy says

    Love this video!

    Check out our small youtube channel 🙂

  33. Susannah Z says

    I’m going to be a freshie🤪 next year so some advice would be much appreciated!

  34. Noelle Geno says

    My school does the handprint thing to but for all the 5th graders

  35. Jenna Denmark says

    When she said eEeEhh ch i felt that

  36. Amira Karakaya says

    this inspires me to get up

  37. Ella McCarthy says

    where is your dress from? it's so cute!

  38. S. ava says

    wait why is her tooth missing?

  39. Alissa Smith says

    your room, is most aesthetic thing, i've ever seen. cAn I hAvE a PlAnT?!¿¡

  40. kenzie westbrook says

    does anyone know the name of the last song played?

  41. Ashley Sanchez says

    Plz do advise Video cause I'm going this year

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