Four iPhone camera apps that let you take photos like a pro (CNET How To)

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The iPhone camera is more than capable, but these apps help you take even better photos.
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  1. B6 says

    Hydra is still the best iOS camera app since 2014

  2. Zabih Hamidi says

    Neam of this camera

  3. SevenWho? says

    Whats the best with these four???

  4. i could not find any app with manual options AND video support! one app supported video but not 4k.

  5. Ahmad Issa says

    I can’t find Camera Plus App in App Store.
    Can you please send me the link?

  6. Drone Tube says


  7. Shania Galima says

    Procam 5
    Slow shutter

  8. Adnan Ali says

    Snd me a lick

  9. Genesius Indrawan says

    Cool wkwk

  10. Bee Cee says

    Halide is the best.

  11. Mils .s says

    All of these cost money

  12. Xtian Lodangco says

    Why am I watching this? I can't even buy a iPhone5!

  13. Katy Fernández says

    what happened with these apps? they no longer exist on the appstore 🙁

  14. Brandon White says

    For the hydra app, would it work well with the iPad Air 2?

  15. Philipowitsch says

    And what’s about filmic pro ?

  16. lilgman191 says

    Do y'all get paid to make videos for apple?

  17. fanjapanischermusik says

    is there an app for android with the same high resolution mode as hydra? i can`t find it on the play store.

  18. quantum chicken says

    I thought the videos thumbnail was a OnePlus 5 for a minute

  19. Lucy Borgia says


  20. Bluesky Star says

    Nice video 👍 please do a video for Android.

  21. Mighty Tiki says

    One major caveat, Hydra 32MP images only work when your subject is well lit and is not moving—this feature will not work with action shots or with people who aren’t perfectly still.

  22. Luis Villanueva says

    No thanks I have a V30

  23. fadi says

    Funny how CNET is trying hard pushing iPhone's camera

  24. Pamela Ramdat says

    Hi i love this video can you do one with Android?

  25. Tech1Tv says

    I thought you was with PocketNow?

  26. mk1212wq says

    I dunno why i even watched this vid!!!
    I dont have an Iphone !!

  27. Sandeep Kumar says

    You guys always save the day.

  28. Mark Dice says

    wow very nice

  29. Michael Morales says


  30. SwordFighter Gaming says

    First comment!!!

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