A Portrait Of Mal Waldron (Full Documentary) 1997

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This film by Tom Van Overberghe examines the life and contributions of legendary pianist Mal Waldron. In addition to boasting a recording career featuring many influential records under his own name, he has been a composer for film, accompanist to some of the most important jazz musicians and singers (including Billie Holiday, Abbey Lincoln, Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus and Jackie McLean to name a few), and an activist leader.

With Mal Waldron, Max Roach, Steve Lacy, Jeanne Lee, Andrew Cyrille and Reggie Workman. Screenplay – Bo Mandeville & Tom Van Overberghe / Photography – Toon Illegems / Editor – Joris Heugebaert / Mixing – Guido Godon / Produced by Bo Mandeville & Willem Thijssen

  1. Mady says

    Mal's a real fashion killer

  2. Andres S says

    was Mal doing the seagull noises around 35 minutes in?

  3. Mickey Lowe says

    Thank you!! Great video.

  4. morphis2525 says

    Mal was great.

  5. KSmall109CAB says

    A wonderful documentary on a very under-rated jazz pianist. Waldron's comments on how the police treated jazz musicians and the fierce competition created in the United States as a result of too few jazz performance venues (clubs or otherwise) and too many musicians is very insightful, as are his comments on how the substance abuse issue was dealt with in United States when people like Billie Holiday were still alive.

  6. TEBekken says

    What a great, wonderful film.

  7. lukas ERNEST says

    Mal was a terrific musician , one of my best in Jazz Music!!

  8. Patricia Gullickson says

    it all boils down to Bird

  9. campocat says

    Mal is the easiest piano player to solo over. His concept of big chords impeccably places adds so much color and space you can't screw up with him.

  10. Jonah Lee says

    The most memorable jazz concert I've attended in my life was in the 80s at the village vanguard. Mal had just retured to the us after spending several years in Europe. I sat transfixed by his his unique hypnotic playing. He played with the late great woody shaw and others. Since then, I've seen him a few other times in different cities, and collected every record/cd i could find. Thankyou for adding this for all us to appreciate!

  11. Karin Petritsch says

    Mal, Max and Steve!!! What a feast. Only Thelonious is missing (in persona)!

  12. Kevin Williams says

    awesome – many thanks for sharing – my current absolute fascination with this remarkable and under appreciated jazz great.

  13. J. Lamotta says

    thank you for sharing !

  14. ee says

    Thank you very much for sharing!

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