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Amazing drawing hacks for everyone:

If you love drawing or doodling, why not take it a step further and become a master through this small well-constructed drawing tutorial we created for you. Drawing can be used as a form of therapy. It can help you relax and relieve anxiety. So quit everything your doing and go get a sketching pad to start drawing with us.

1. How to draw lips:
When it comes to drawing lips and finding the right proportions for the anatomy of the human lips can be difficult. Instead, od drawing two curves on top and then connecting them with a slighter larger curvy line at the bottom here is what you can do. Draw two circles next to each other, then draw another circle approximately the same size in the middle top of those two circles. Then, use those circles as guides to draw the upper and lower lip. You will see right away the lips you drew now seem more realistic and proportional.

2. How to draw curly hair:
If you are struggling with drawing curly hair, don’t worry because you are not the only one. Here is what you can do. Instead of drawing s swirl doing downwards over and over again, draw two parallel lines, then inside those lines start drawing parallel lines again going downwards but let them have some distance between each other. After that connect those lines by drawing more parallel lines behind the ones you just drew to show them a real curl is actually showing. Finally, start shading with your pencil.

3. How to draw an eye for beginners:
If your drawing skills when it comes to drawing eyes are still the same level as they were in primary school, then try this drawing technique. First, draw an almond shape while holding your pencil from a higher point than you normally hold it from. This will allow your hand to draw more freely thus avoid those harsh lines that occur when you hold your pencil. You can try using a 2B pencil, and HB, a graphite pencil or a 4B if you would like a softer essence.

Then when you draw the first almond shape, add more shading on the top part of the eyelid to draw the eyeliner. Shade the inner corner and the outer corner to give your drawing more dimension and enhance the realism effect on this little piece of art. Draw the iris with various shading values to make it look sparkly and then finally draw the eyelashes and the eyebrows.

4. Doodling ideas:
Whether you like doodling in your class, or you recently got into bullet journaling, try some of our doodle ideas in the video to add extra decorations to your bullet journal or your sketchbook. You can create kaleidoscope patterns using graphic design markers or watercolors. In addition to that, you can create an optical 3D illusion drawing using the No 7 as we demonstrate in the video. We create these optical illusions by recreating the structure of a notebook but we keep out some lines in order to create the 3d illusion drawing. It may seem complicated but once you saw such drawing to your friends in school, they will make you the artistic genius of the class.

0:10 – How to draw lips (2 ways)
0:46 – How to draw curly hair
1:39 – How to draw a portrait for beginners
2:38 – How to draw the female figure simple tutorial
3:15 – How to draw a realistic eye beginners method
4:03 – How to draw a braid
4:15 – How to draw with perfect measurements – Still life
4:30 – How to draw a fashion dress for fashion illustrations
4:43 – How to draw a palm tree
5:02 – How to draw a realistic flower
5:27 – How to draw all types of lips
5:40 – Doodle Ideas – pattern illusion
5:58 – 3D Pattern illusion
6:17 – Fun doodle star – connect the lines
6:45 – Cool arrow doodle pattern for beginners
7:10 – 3D stair drawing – optical illusion
8:08 – Awesome doodling pattern
9:09 – How to draw any animal using numbers
9:50 – Cool Origami art – Dancing Balerina
10:35 – How to draw any animal using circles
12:40 – How to doodle anything using letters
14:07 – 3D Pattern trick
15:33 – How to draw peppa pig
16:17 – How to doodle flowers
16:46 – Pattern Ideas
18:51 – Chess pattern
21:09 – Heart doodle


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  1. Gudetama LOVER says

    Thank you! I did some of them perfectly (my opinion) on my first try 😀

  2. Daniel Crane says

    HEY! Just because it has to do with art doesn’t mean it’s girly!!!!

  3. Anybody watching this to try to do it during the middle of class?

  4. Everett Young says

    im amazing at it now (im using my dads acc)

  5. archy bonark says

    Wow! Sexist much!

  6. Cesaro Befe says

    The problem with these video is that it doesnt actually teach you anything, it just gives you a step by step process made for only ONE situation and perspective, when the joke about art (especially realism) is that you can draw anything, from any perspective, pose and person.
    Also, only experimented artists can do shading like that, if a begginer tries this and fails he's going to think that is not the video's fault, but his, and that he cant draw.
    Thats why I think this video is pretty shitty.

  7. Damage Girl says

    😬I can't even draw the before one's😬

    (SORRY I AM LATE) 2019!!

  8. Sub to me for no reason says

    0:54 helped me alot

  9. Neko Chan says



  10. Wael Wijden says

    اجمل رسمات شفتها في حياتي😘😍

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  12. galaxy gamer says

    And those befores man I’m a kid and can draw better than the befores

  13. galaxy gamer says

    Drawing hacks for everyone!! 😀😃 5 minute craft girly… ???

  14. Yeishan Bawang says

    Some parts I really don't care about!!!😆

  15. Min Jhamgi says
  16. A Wild Clean Kitten says

    Did y’all see the 666-

  17. A Wild Clean Kitten says

    People draw in their own physical way, don’t change that…

  18. Isabella Waller says



  19. Latte Gacha says

    FOR EVERYONE is on girls channel

  20. King duck Gamer comics says

    10:51 also ladybugs don’t have four legs the have three

  21. King duck Gamer comics says

    What if I don’t want to draw like that oh wait u never heard of different styles before I forgot and I’m pretty sure that kindergarteners are watching and I don’t think they’ll know how to this crap


  23. Aneena Nharakad says

    left hand

  24. Itz_Gacha 95 says

    Thank you!! I'm gonna try

  25. DIY Project Technical says

    So nice

  26. Mika Ella says
  27. Its Fosa says

    I think the befores look amazing! I couldn't even do one of the steps that it takes to do the befores..

  28. weird o says

    some are ugly just sayin my opinion

  29. KingKittyRules says

    Drawing tricks for everyone
    does things they only meant to be for girls

  30. Techno Fact Boys TFB says

    Sikane ka tareeka acha hai mager boht fast dikha rahe hai video ke almost End mai

  31. smth smth says

    Its not helping. It just tells me that im bad at drawing

  32. A Child says

    The pencil was a trained actor

  33. Cedar Woods says

    honey what?!

  34. Da Ishu says

    Did You Know Single Mother’s Or Same Gender Couples Hate Fathers Day And Want It Gone But Don’t Hate Mother’s Day

  35. Hannah Gifford says

    First: gets a kid to draw
    Second:get a pro to draw

  36. ليزا سان says

    Omg it is soo cool

  37. Night Light says

    You arne seying haw to drew video:haw to drew me: your only showing you drawing and seying kid do it so ugly

  38. Nastya Bro TV says

    Я здесь одна русская?

  39. ClumsyPencill says

    No wonder my hair curls look like spaghetti

  40. illusory spark34 says

    I'm gonna be completely honest here, I didn't see any tips from this only, "Look at how I draw vs how others draw"
    Anyone else just me okay

  41. Evanski says

    Step one:

    Git Gud

  42. Pidge says

    When I saw the left side of the video's thumbnail I immediately thought "Oh shit I can make these for me and my friends (mainly me) now we can really show our inner Harry Potter nerd!" That had to be the most nerdiest Harry Potter thing I've ever thought of I swear! #WhichhouseareyouinatHogwarts

  43. Sophia Style Estilo Sophia says


  44. Sofia Yati says

    So creative

  45. lAx3DR3AM3R says

    Idk I draw and this helped me out a lot it’s really easy you just gotta know how much pressure to put on your paper don’t use regular pencils its not the same *use what your comfortable with

  46. Chimmy Bt21 says

    Hi Carli! It’s MBBR

  47. MACKENZIE 13 says

    Does anybody else knows that it sounds like avicii the night ?

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