VA Med School Claims They Could 'Not Conclusively Determine' If Ralph Northam Was In Blackface Photo

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Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface drama continues.

More than three months after the Eastern Virginia Medical School commissioned an investigation into the picture from his yearbook showing him in blackface, they claim the could “not conclusively determine the identity of either individual” in the photographs.

James Boyd, president of the Portsmouth NAACP spoke with Roland Martin about the ongoing controversy surrounding Gov. Northam.

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  1. Jef says

    The FBI has face recognition they use it all the time in the airport they can find out who the red dog is behind that black face don't forget these red dogs or born Liars from the wounds

  2. Arnold Strong Numero Uno says

    Ralph is a liar and this whole thing is creepy.


    Gov Northam must be taking his lying cues from Trump

  4. Jerel Boza says

    Black people really shouldn't be Democrats or Republicans. We should be independents and have both parties come for our vote offering us shit. Cause no matter what both parties will use us.

  5. Truth Hurts says

    Virginia needs to have a special election and put Dude against another democrat. The alternative (GOP) will probably be a worse choice. GOP are attacking women right to choose, next up Brown. vs The Board of Education. GOP=DarkAges

  6. wig cap says

    I don't care. Donald Trump is the president and some black people Support him. They even come to your show.

  7. Kerline Galette says

    Does facial recognition technology not exist?

  8. MUSIKID TV says

    He’s the one in black face not the kkk mask. Look at his shoulders he has crooked shoulders, also look at his Adam’s apple which is visibly a large feature of his, you can also note a few facial features including his mouth. F. What hey say look for yourself, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

  9. Libras In Space says

    Color me shocked 😑

  10. metasymplocos says


  11. V Denton says

    US healthcare is Eugenics. You are aware Physicians were the first to step up to the plate and separate undesirables to be killed in Germany and they got eugenics from people in America

  12. _ Ourumav’s Briefcase _ says

    Of course they couldn't. Be cause hes a Democrat. Gotta protect the slave 'massas, right, boss man?

  13. Gerald Jarvis says

    Gov. Coonman admitted to wearing blackface and even tried to moonwalk on TV… Why do these racist peckerwoods think people are that stupid.

  14. K Morgan says

    Democrats protect there on sex predators and racist

  15. Ervin Simmons says

    Ray an Stevie see that!!!

  16. In Black America Radio says

    another win for the dems lmao

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