High School Senior Photography Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes at Landa Library & Gardens Conservancy

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A high school senior photography photo shoot behind the scenes by Expose The Heart. In this behind the scenes high school senior photography session I will be taking picture of my niece Savanah. She wanted her senior session to floral and her mother wanted to use this location of Landa Library. This is a very popular location in San Antonio for not only senior portraits, but for all kinds of photography shoots. The Landa Gardens Conservancy always keeps the grounds looking beautiful with all types of flowers and plant all year round. If you ever shoot here please make sure to clean up after yourself to help keep the grounds beautiful for all to enjoy. In this high school senior portrait video I am using my Gopro Hero 7 Black on top of my camera for a POV or camera POV style of video. It is something new I am trying, so let me know how you think it turned out. This was the final senior session I did for my family this year. I don’t normally do a lot of high school señor portraits, but this year there were a lot of graduates and I wanted to gift them their senior photo shoots.

Photographing high school seniors this year has really been a blessing this year. It has put me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow as a photographer. Stepping out of your photographic comfort zone is very important to do as a photographer. Where is photographing high school seniors or some other form of photography, it is great exercise to help you, your skill, and your vision grow.

So I wanted to try something different with the video. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a senior portraits vlog or a behind the scenes. Since I didn’t have anyone to film me at this senior session, I decided to use my Gopro Hero 7 Black. It was a pretty good decision I think. It allows the high school senior to feel at ease and made it very easy to capture the session. I will probably use this setup again at some point.

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Expose The Heart is a photography studio in San Antonio, Texas owned by husband and wife team David and Irene. We specialize in wedding photography, but also shoot commercial, portrait, newborn, maternity, senior, and fine art work.

We met in 2001 in San Antonio and have been stuck together ever since. Many of our first dates were “photography dates”. As our love grew, we moved in together and got married. We then decided we would like to try and start a photography business together. Man what a great idea it was! We have been so blessed to have enjoyed all that we have accomplished. It has definitely been an amazing journey.

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  1. Toy Reviews Channel says

    Capturing memorable smiles and poses! You are doing a really great job!

  2. Lost Boys Adventures Family says

    Okay, that's an awesome idea to gopro a photo shoot! Cool!

  3. Jazib Toys Giveaway says

    Great behind the scenes video. Those photos look amazing!

  4. Coles channel says

    We enjoyed watching again . You can never learn enough. 😊

  5. The Davis Siblings says

    They look amazing

  6. LPS Cupcake Family says

    Awesome photos once again guys! 😃 you have a great talent! Big thumbs up from us 😊💖💜👍

  7. Zayan's World says

    Thanks for taking us behind the scene! You're great at what you're doing! Definitely love each and single pics!

  8. RayandRy's Gaming Channel says

    You're such a great photographer! All of the photos turned out great.

  9. Drina Dayz says

    These pictures are amazing, I love the effect with using the gopro, awesome pictures

  10. Tammy Wood says

    Love this location! I think it was a cool way to use the gopro

  11. Kimberly Caines says

    Great shoot. I love how you are directing her and helping her with the poses. Looks like it was a fun shoot.

  12. Momlife Vermont says

    That is such a beautiful place for senior photos. I love how the colors of the flowers and the graduation gown pop in with the surrounding. thanks for taking us along.

  13. Sara’s Wonderland says

    These photos looks super amazing ❤ love your creativity 👌👍🤗 great share big like from us !

  14. Awe Some says

    She is so lucky to have you take these shots! Stunning!

  15. Crazy Adventures With Coco says

    You are Amazing! I don't even know how a person wold be able to just choose ONE. I wold want them ALL. Thanks for sharing your talent. <3 CoCo

  16. Rachel And Sydneys World says

    Wow, so impressive how low the lighting is and how great the photos came out

  17. Justin Reed Real Estate says

    Wow! This really gives insight to your perspective and shows your professionalism. Well done!

  18. Damir B says


  19. Coles channel says

    We always enjoy your pictures . They always turn out great and it’s nice to see how things are done

  20. FurryFriend Luva says

    Haha love the direction.. Just pretend im your boyfriend..😂😂 this was awesome love all the tips you give

  21. G3 Travels says

    The photos look amazing! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes!

  22. JMJ Kids Specials says

    The shots are amazing, you are a good photographer!

  23. All Things Us says

    What a beautiful girl I remember those days congrats on the graduation Tfs Shelly

  24. LivOnTheWheel says

    Suddenly wishing I had got more pictures when I graduated 🎓 These shots amazing!

  25. elainebenes says

    These are beautiful! I love seeing behind the scenes footage! Great photoshoot!

  26. Lar Family says

    Love your energy. you got some great pictures. Loving her dress. so pretty!

  27. Jumbled Mama says

    I'm loving these behind the scenes footage videos. The photos are gorgeous and that location is perfect. Makes me want to redo my senior photos lol.

  28. Hayden's House says

    This is just such a fun photo shoot!

  29. netti Reed says

    Thanks for the VIP behind the scene! I feel like a photographer now lol

  30. Kita the Explorer says

    This was a cool shoot to show through your GoPro!! But this was an awesome setting and great photos!

  31. HeyJay says

    aww congrats to her !
    i wish i had someone to give me direction when taking my pictures 😂

  32. Kasperl und Gretel says

    The pictures are great..love how bright and clear they colours are 🙂

  33. Tostemac says

    Amazing work as always man! With these kind of photos I imagine you must make a good fortune out of this! I personally like the shot where the camera is peeking out of the bushes while she is sitting on the steps, excellent shot!

  34. Adam Kuzniar says

    I love how you talk and interact with the people you shoot!

  35. Zwilookids TV says

    Every single one of the the photos you took came out so beautiful, you have an amazing talent

  36. haileyscomment says

    You have a great way of making her feel comfortable

  37. The Richards Revealed - TRR says

    What was that noise I kept hearing. The real shutter? Man can't lie, I'm so use to one crisp shutter sound (like you had) but that other shutter kept distracting me. I'm like is the photo changing. Am I tripping. Haha.

  38. What camera and Lens did you use?

  39. Ms Star Smile says

    I love the blurry background in the photos, the quality looks amazing. I love photoshoots, you did excellent with the photos they were so beautiful.

  40. Jess and the Crew says

    wow these are great shots

  41. Ashley Rolland says

    very neat to see the photo shoot in action. There is a lot of guidance that goes into having such a nice pose. Haha flirt with your boyfriend. The photos look great!

  42. DanVsWorld says

    This is great! All those photos you took look very crisp and high def! You're niece is a great model! Also nice background too thanks for sharing!

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