Jagapathi Babu's Daughter Meghana Wedding – Exclusive Pics

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Watch Jagapathi Babu’s Daughter Meghana Wedding Pics. As we know, hero turned character artiste Jagapathi Babu has two daughters. His elder daughter who has graduated in interior designing in USA is getting married to her friend, an NRI on 8th March 2015. Both side parents have arranged the marriage as a family affair. Jagapathi Babu’s father and veteran producer VB Rajendra Prasad has passed away recently. It is common custom to marry off daughters in the same year of expiry of elderly people in the family.

Celebs from film and political circles are expected to grace this high profile wedding ceremony on coming Sunday 8th of March, at Westin Hotel, Hyderabad.

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  2. tulasi ram says

    japathi babu is a very good person

    & I really hatt off to jagapathi babu for his daughter inter caste marriage

  3. Naga Rani Alluri says

    great jagapathi babu.nice family,HAPPY MARRIED LIFE MEGHANA.

  4. Silly Monks Tollywood says

    #JagapathiBabu's Daughter Meghana Wedding – Exclusive Pics

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