get ready with me for graduation pictures VLOG!

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GRADUATION IS HERE!! i vlogged my day of pictures hehe. there will be a graduation vlog and school vlogs coming very soon!! WOOHOO

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thank you for watching and supporting me. always remember to be positive! i love you so so much and i’ll see ya in the next video!

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keep smiling sunshine
xoxo Annabelle

  1. Haven Soria says


  2. Delaney Spurlock says

    you spent so long hiding your school but in the pics at 5:37 it says your school:/

  3. Richa Desouza says

    Yes you are old

  4. DAT GURL KENNA says

    Ayyeee you go to kell

  5. morgan stutz says


  6. Chloe Elaine says

    Where are you earrings from??? I love them!!!!!!

  7. Ashlyn Rose says

    Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start a YouTube channel? I’d appreciate it vv much 😊

  8. Taylor Kemp says

    pineapple :))

  9. Peyton Waggoner says


  10. Alyson Gay says

    i love you so much, i cant believe you are graduating, been subscribed for 3 yrs and wish to be friends with you someday

  11. Alyssa Francis says


  12. Fernanda V says

    Yay pineapple! 💛

  13. Emma Richardson says

    Are you a football cheerleader?

  14. Kiara Madisen says

    First of all: I miss you
    Second of all: you have the most amazing hair
    Third of all: the photos turned out so well omg
    Fourth of all: I'm so excited for you & the next phase in your life ❤️

  15. Selma says


  16. Lourdes Laurel says


  17. Lauren Adelfio says

    pineapple 🙂

  18. Kelsey Manson says

    pineapple! your so sweet 💜

  19. Fiza Roy says


  20. Laird Boys says

    Love this !

  21. Yosita NS says

    Hello congrats

  22. Rinesh Andrews says

    Best wishes from RINESH ANDREWS D U B A I

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