“Crimes against Photography”: Man Ray and the Rayograph

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Man Ray began making photographs in the 1920s, in the midst of the Dada movement. Through an accident in the darkroom, he soon discovered a new means of creating photos without a camera. Meet the artist who committed “crimes against chemistry and photography,” as he described it, and produced some of the most memorable and iconic pictures of his time.

  1. Marc D says

    An interesting YouTube ad

  2. Adolfo Usier says

    cool 👏🏻👏🏻🔝

  3. Felix Bruyns says

    Emmanuel "Man Ray" Radnitzky was a sadistic pornographer who liked to hang out with child molesters. Nothing he ever made should be considered "art", since he also had no talent in any medium. I suspect the San Francisco liberal crowd is so enamored of sadistic porn and meaningless abstraction that they just can't help themselves.

  4. Ambient Walking says

    Cool video!

  5. stupidhatonthefloor3 says

    May I ask for name of the piece for marimba and vibraphone that was used? It sounds like Stockhausen or Wuorinen. Thanks for the wonderful video!

  6. Yifei Yao says

    Thank you for this video and spreading knowledge! I find the content really helpful, but I'm a bit concerned with the descriptions over the last photo, Ingres's Violin. I don't think it is appropriate to use words like "memorable" and "iconic" while presenting such a controversial photo.

  7. StopFear says

    I find it funny that early 20th century post modern art and avant-grade art was actually original and clever but today’s students who go to institutions such as San Francisco Academy of Art mostly either produce crappy art attempting to imitate original artists OR they simply do not care about creating original art. Rich parents send them to art schools just so they get some degree.

  8. Albert Hofmann says

    Unique !

  9. Stefano W. Pasquini says

    Implying that Man Ray without Duchamp was "out of source" is ridiculous.

  10. Boris Pickett says

    "Man and Woman"… I can't really tell which is supposed to be which.

  11. Daniel Brice Reid says

    Check this out when you get the chance.
    Picture in ni erutciP: Portrait of Alfred Steiglitz.

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