Andy Mineo – Family Photo (Full Instrumental 2018)

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Prod. by Kingdom Keys Productions

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Original song by Andy Mineo


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  1. Kingdom Keys Productions says

    Hey guys, just starting up my youtube. I need some help with subscribers and sharing this video. Please if you like it share it. Also if you would like the download link to this track, like my comment and reply to this comment. Also let me know what other song youd like me to make an instrumental of. Bless you guys.

  2. FredrickVonShwinkel says

    Yo! Any chance you have the instrumental to Andy's song "shame" off this same EP? I'm writing to it now

  3. Israel Barclay says

    seen so much pain but it never will change so why do you think it will change just like the rain it has too come down but no matter what happens don't frown don't be discouraged all things that are bad will be good even if you could change life don't do it live and learn from the mistakes you have made just go through it so that you can find peace when you are betrayed.

  4. NUKIDD Productions says

    Official Instrumental with hook on my channel:

  5. Teamtakage 1 says

    Please upload more lol

  6. Inside My Mind says


  7. Ron Hart says

    Is this beat free? & if not how much?

  8. kristian blewett says

    Now the ceremony's done, I know it sound dumb
    But I thought he might come 'cause the night was still young
    I could've filled his space, it's like a hunnid a plate
    I kept two just in case prayin' he'd show up late
    Then I wait… and I wait
    I looked Cris in the face and told her nothing's gonna ruin our day
    I hate the fact I still love you
    I wish that I could turn you off, take the cord to my heart and just unplug you
    Damn, man, you my dad, what I did to ya?
    To make you not love me, mean what I should to ya?
    Look, I don't understand, I'd jump off a bridge
    I'd take a bullet to the rib before I'd hurt my kid
    You know that Mark told me something I won't never forget
    Sounded just like you, that's why I know it's legit
    He said, "You go to Andy's football games, but not lacrosse
    Why?" You told him you don't like that sport
    Well, do you like me? It's sad I gotta ask
    You either cry or you try to learn to laugh
    Look, I figured I'd be past all this hurt by now
    But after all this time it's only worse right now
    'Cause when you bury emotions, you bury them alive
    They only come back stronger, somewhere later in your life
    And on the honeymoon, I got your text, but I ain't reply
    Said "Congratulations," like, what a guy
    I ain't ask you to be perfect, man, that's only God
    I just wish you would have tried

  9. kristian blewett says

    We're gonna dedicate this next song to my father, Joe Mineo, the legend

    [Verse 1]
    Look, August 23rd, how could I forget it?
    Getting ready in my suite, it's the morning of my wedding
    Invited all my legends, man, it's set to be epic
    And then I got that message, I was dreading
    My momma said it, "Andy I don't think your father gon' come"
    I just laugh, said "Oh well," and tried to be numb
    I learned to stop getting hopes up
    As a kid, growing up, that made the letdown easier when he didn't show up
    But deep down I had this flicker of hope
    This one time he pull it together, make a effort, but nope
    I'm standing at the altar, he nowhere in sight
    How I'm thinking about him now instead of my wife?
    Best man, Ray, to my right said, "You'll be alright
    At least you know you're gonna be smashing tonight"
    Then the doors open in the back, wearing all white
    This the first day of the rest of our life
    Her father by her side while she came down the aisle
    She's was looking all wow, then we exchanged vows
    Long-winded self, should've passed me a towel
    We both said "I do," we team Mineo now

    So, everyone, everyone smile for the family photo
    But everyone, everyone ain't really in the picture
    So, everyone, everyone smile for the family photo
    But everyone, everyone ain't really in the picture

  10. Teamtakage 1 says

    This is so dope I subscribed

  11. Son Ayoo says

    This was honestly some real nice stuff done here, I could feel the vibe and everything like in the actual song, sorry to bother but do you think it'd be possible for you to do an instrumental from the beginning part of Clarity by Andy? No one's done an instrumental of it yet and you clearly know what you're doing

  12. 2 K says

    Can I use this ?

  13. Sharon Shorter says

    Great work!

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