Xiaomi YI Sports Action Camera Review video, audio, photo test

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Here is my review of Xiaomi Yi Sports Action camera.
For more in-depth info on features and settings setup, please check this article

1:01 Xiaomi YI introductory
2:22 Unboxing
8:15 App, Settings Setup and connecting to the app
17:46 Video (Video Samples, Video Test)
24:52 Photos (Image quality test)
26:08 Xiaomi Yi Review Summary

On the link above, you will be able to download some sample footage and images that I took. I used this camera for 30+ days before making this video. This video is not sponsored by any company. I purchased camera with my own money, therefore you can count on my objectivity.

Yi is an action camera produced by Chinese brand Xiaomi. It is often referred as a GoPro killer, because of its affordable price and excellent photo and video quality.

Camera can record videos in full HD at:
• 1080p x (60, 48, 30 and 24 fps)
• 960p x (60fps or 48fps)
• 720P x (120, 60, 48fps)
• 480P x (240fps)

You can chose between two video formats:
Depending on the video format you chose, there will be different frames per second (FPS) for you to choose according to resolution selected.

Camera has 16MP CMOS F2.8 155° wide angle lens and Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS 16 million pixel sensor.

Photographs that camera produces are fantastic. Highest res in which it captures images is 16 megapixels.

In photo mode you can chose from 4 different modes:
• Single
• Time-Lapse
• Burst
• Self-Timer
More on these modes can be read on my website
It supports up to 64 GB memory cards. I highly recommend you to get a decent card as it can have huge influence on your video quality. Get a reputable class 10 micro sd or sdhc card and you are good to go.

Camera also supports WiFi, and does not have an LCD screen which means you will have to use APP to change settings.

The size of Xiaomi YI is 6 x 2.1 x 4.2 cm / 2.36 x 0.83 x 1.65 inches and it weights around 72 grams.

One of the biggest advantages of Xiaomi YI action camera is its price. At the moment of recording this review, the best price you can find online is around 75$ which includes free shipping worldwide.

Here are some great coupons and deals in various online stores, that will help you save few bucks.

• Buy Xiaomi Yi from GearBest
• Get it from BangGood
• free 3-5 US shipping with Amazon Prime
• If you prefer auctions eBay might be a good place to get some cheaper

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For any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment either in the video or on website. I will do my best to reply to each and every one as soon as I possibly can.

  1. Nelfi Blažević says

    Nice video.

  2. Bike Adventures With JEM MTB says

    Thankyou for your in-depth tutorial, Its an old camera now so even cheaper! 🤗 I just want to show you what is capable with it when using a chest mounted gimble while riding a mountain bike, here is my movie I made on a small budget , hope you don't mind me posting this, https://youtu.be/KYwlMJQiIBk

  3. Semangat Backpackeran says

    audio test?

  4. You2 Tube says

    Could I know, does this need internrt (data) to connect with app for viewing what I shoot? Thanks

  5. ian buenaventura says

    do you need a wifi connection to use the app?

  6. Gairik Biswas says

    Does the timelapse mode take pictures serially or does it combine it into a video?

  7. Leon P says

    Hi, can i connect th camera to my wifi router so i can see it from my phone if im not home?

  8. supun randeniya says

    I don see the link to the app. please mention it here

  9. Igor Todorovic says

    zlatan ibrahimovic is that you 🙂 ?

  10. Siavash Sh says

    quti rapid

  11. cihan berken says

    xiaomi or git2 advice : )?

  12. Aron the Akita says

    Srbenda a? 🙂 dobar video brate…

  13. ivan andreas says

    Hey what happened to your fb page? Seems link already expired

  14. Jens De Wit says

    why has my cam worse view as yours?

  15. Offshore Drifter says

    beware the girl in blue dress, she's stalking you

  16. Dani Pritchard says

    Is there a way to change camera settings without connecting to the app? I dont want to get charged a bomb on data roaming if i go to another country …. lol

  17. Gadget Addict says

    Where was the audio test?

  18. hudsonvalleyguy1 says

    uh yeah hi, ur website doesnt go to sjcamguides.com noo, it goes to http://pevly.com
    just letting you know, also, wheres the phone app??

  19. It'sTsunami says

    Da li vredi kupiti je ?

  20. Eric Seo says

    Does it has a feature to focus?? App or the camera?
    Is it ok for recording review vids?

  21. koen bergen says

    Do you need acces to the internet to change the settings on your phone?

  22. Internal Game says

    Hey, can the International Version of Xiomi Yi's battery fit in to the Chinese Version of Xiaomi Yi?

  23. Udo Donotron says

    It is not a GoPro killer due to the GoPro cost 4 times more?
    That is your reason haha.
    This camera is easily as good IMO and shows us all the markup on GoPro's and how much profit GoPro is pulling in.

  24. zezo782 says

    nice channel 🙂

  25. Clear Adventure says

    2K video with the new firmware update. 🙂

  26. R H says

    I dont necessary agree with your final thoughts about the camera. When you said "why the hell do I need a selfie stick" i really dont understand why would you say that. People love recording themself and even using selfie stick to record someone else. GoPro has its own selfie stick aswell and I saw many times pro athletes (Snowboarders etc) using selfie stick. You said that its not an action camera and I really dont agree there. It is a perfect action camera, you need to buy housing and your good to go to record action everywhere with good setting (1080/60p) it is small/light and you can replace batteries (last time I used to record 4 hours of action on skiing with YI and it works great). You said its not an action camera for extreme sports like running, hiking etc. Do you really think hiking/running is an extreme sport?
    I ski since I was 9 and this camera is perfect for action. True it has a slow start and yes I would like to have a LCD screen on it but come on, calling this not an action camera like wtf? Also you can set settings before going to record like default video 1080/60p and you just need to start camera (wait 4-5 sec) and pres records and its DONE, you dont have to know what are you shooting because 90% of the time you either shoot 2k or 1080/60p it is that simple. Also there is a different problem with this camera that you failed to mention. Its exposure doesnt work as it intends to. As a previous GoPro user I never had problems with proper exposure change, but Xiaomi Yi is bad at this and in my opinions it is the biggest problem on this camera. I bought this camera for 65USD and for 25 dollars I got all other accesories to make it an action camera (batteries housing stick etc). It is definitely the best ACTION camera for its price, ofc Hero4silver is better but with 4x of its price.
    And yeah you probably dont know and have never done any "Extreme Sports" so you have no clue what are you talking about on your last part. I have worked/discused with pro Athletes and 90% of the time when they are trying to record something they usually start recording and dont get bother if the camera has an LCD or not like base jumping, cliff jumping and skiing on steep slopes, they usually record all the run 10-20minutes and then select footage. Do you really think any1 can use LCD screen while skydiving, going underwater or skiing steep slopes?
    Your recommending this camera to record pets and children? like why would you buy this when we already have our smartphones? Are you even serious?

  27. Kevin Tran says

    Xiaomi Yi vs Sony HDR-AZ1 for recording myself playing tennis? It will be mounted on the fence behind me. Thanks!

  28. Aaron Decouto says

    Hey , I have been using this camera for videos for quite some time now but I am having trouble, as it takes only maximum videos of 12minutes . Any recommendations or anything

  29. johnboy1045 says

    when recording  with this camera can you view the recording in landscape view. as I am using on a syma x8w

  30. Peter Silvestry says

    Can the camera zoom in and out?

  31. Kote Melivadze says

    pevly what if dont want update camera?Camera will work or not if i dont upgrade it?

  32. afiq noh says

    Hi guys… should i buy a xiomi cam or sj5000 x elit..??which one better..??

  33. Jupiter Planet says

    Q-1: can i charge it with my pc or power bank?
    Q-2: is there any option to control the exposure or can i take long exposure photo?

  34. Eidmantas Ivanauskas says

    Hey Pevly, thanks for the review, just found you and subbed. Wanted to order an Xiaomi today, but found the quality a tad dissapointing. Is there anything that costs more but is better? I thought about SJCAM, but their video quality, to me, seems about the same as Xiaomi.

    Thanks for the awesome videos! (P.S. In one video I saw that you said that a tripod thread was 1 (point) 4, but it's 1/4 (one quarter inch)).

  35. -SakiSkai- says

    Is it possible to set the video settings you want,turn off the wifi-android completely and start/stop recording from the camera buttons directly?

  36. Naren_ud says

    I am not getting a fair video clarity in night times. Dont know what may be the issue. I have even turned on the auto light mode in the app settings….

    Can anyone suggest me what may be the issue..

  37. Ran Haveshush says

    Hey +Pevly,

    Great review as always…

    1. Which firmware version of the camera you have? First 4 digits of the serial number.
    2. I'm debating between GoPro Hero4 session (250$) and the Xiaomi Yi camera (62$)?
    Which one got the higher value for the money in your opinion?
    Which one is better to put on a Quadcopter, will perform better in speed filming at 1080p60?


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