Vintage Eastman Kodak Co Green Petite Folding Photo Camera Pocket Cameras

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I’m looking over a vintage Kodak Petite Folding Camera from the late 1920’s to mid-1930’s.

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  1. Allison G says

    I acquired this exact camera from my Nonny (she is still alive). You can close it by pushing on the two silver things sticking up in front of the camera. It should also be useable since it has all of its parts intact.

  2. Sz C says

    That's not a flash, that's your viewfinder. I just acquired this camera, as a camera collector, I find it a very cool little treasure. Came with original carrying case.

  3. Nova DarkSoul says

    I just acquired one of these, pretty much identical to yours (mine has black leather instead of the green on yours). Mine even came with the original manual and box. The only thing it doesn't have is the little stylus on the front.

  4. Bunnyman :3 says

    The stylus on the front is for the autographic feature on this camera, and the T and I is for Timed and Instant exposures. let me know if you've any more questions.

  5. Bergen Pickers says

    Thank you for watching our vid! If you have more information on the parts and functionality of this pretty little camera, please leave your comments below, thank you!

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