School Picture Day by Aqua Pharmaceuticals

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For details about how to best experience this video, please click “SHOW MORE,” below. This educational video is brought to you by Aqua Pharmaceuticals, an Almirall company. We are dedicated to helping patients achieve their goals of healthy skin and a positive self-image. This private video is intended for US healthcare professionals only. To learn more, please visit

Viewing options:
1. Use your mobile phone and as you rotate it, you will see all around you.
2. View on a desktop/laptop and use the curser on the top-left corner of the video player.
3. For BEST results, use your phone with Google Cardboard, and run this via the YouTube app. You will need to click the cardboard icon on the video player. And try headphones for the best audio!

Detailed instructions for viewing in 3D 360 (using Google Cardboard)
1) Open this video on your phone using the URL in your browser above, or going to: For simpler viewing use the YouTube app.
2) Tap the cardboard icon on the video viewer. It’s located in the bottom right corner of your player and is a rectangle with two dots. Then you’ll notice that the screen splits into two smaller screens. If you don’t see the option, please use YouTube app.
3) Flip your phone horizontally and place it into your Google Cardboard (or a compatible viewer that reads a stereoscopic (3D) image).
4) Put your Cardboard against your eyes, and look at the play button on the screen. Finally, press the magnet button on your Cardboard.
5) The video should begin, so feel free to look around as the video plays to appreciate this immersive VR experience.

We hope you enjoy it. Please use headphones for full appreciation of the sound.

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