1. mailperson says

    I'm part German, can I use the Dutch tilt?

  2. Jewels Photography says

    Tried it yesterday…worked great! 

  3. tambourini says

    I'm 1/2 Dutch. Shouldn't be a problem 🙂

  4. The Hacks-By-Jack Channel says

    I thought the Dutch Tilt got its name from how the Dutch kiss each other they would tilt their heads in a certain manner.

  5. MrPhoenix8008 says

    The only thing you need to know about Dutch Angle photos, is to never shoot a Dutch angle photo.

  6. BadgerVito says

    Yeah, who could take offense at this comment?

    Do you actually have anything to contribute, or just a personal attack?

  7. Michael The Maven says

    Nice to know it all balances out in the end! 😉

  8. Michael The Maven says

    Hate me.

  9. Chris topher says

    Please don't take offense but, you come accross as a douche bag. STFU!!! Your hair pisses me off and your voice grates on my nerves.

  10. VIDEO&MUSICEditor says

    My AF assist bean does work when I'm shooting at dayllight. I Can't use a speedlite because when I'm trying to shoot picture of people dancing on the dance floor because the dance floor is to dark and there is only one disco light and i there not enough light for to use the auto focusing point on the subject while they moving on the dance floor. I was thinking of using a LED light.

  11. Michael The Maven says

    If your AF assist beam isnt working (should be in one shot mode) you might want to try your modeling function. Its the DOF button when a speedlite is attached.

  12. VIDEO&MUSICEditor says

    sorry, i meant im using a speedlight but when in the dark i can't autofucos because there is not enough light. The speedlight only turns on when hitting the button.

  13. Michael The Maven says

    Get a Speedlite!

  14. VIDEO&MUSICEditor says

    when shooting at nightclub is to dark to use a flash and focus so what kind of light can i use

  15. EVRYMANaKING says

    I call it the Drunk Tilt. So as its universal.

  16. Kingsley Pedlar says

    I've been doing this for years but never knew its name , Dutch Tilt. Used sparingly can add much interest. Thankyou for the post

  17. Shaun Hopkinson says

    Surely it should be called the Pisa tilt, after all Holland's flat as far as I know

  18. Clifton Photographer says

    I've been taking pictures like that for some time now. I didn't know there was a name to it though.

  19. Michael The Maven says

    @bleyland629 Thank you! We ship many to UK- May I ask why you wouldnt be able to order through my website?

  20. Oscar Garth says

    You sound A LOT like Ray Romano…

  21. Thestripper says

    Jesus! 😀

  22. xtelevisionset says

    Ugh, I think these shots are really cliche most of the time.

  23. BigMacAttack321 says


  24. Falze says


  25. JimboWHO says

    Gave my wife the ol' Dutch Tilt just last nite.

  26. Jordan Troy says

    Wow what the fuck do u want??? a medal…

  27. jway212 says

    good tip

  28. Michael The Maven says

    I am glad to help. I know you will enjoy the DVD , please feel free to join to forum and say hi. -M

  29. Michael The Maven says

    You are very welcome! Glad I could help, should be posting more lessons soon. 🙂 M

  30. sandykeanufan says

    I didn't even know that there was a term for that. Thanks for all photography lessons Michael.

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