Android tutorial (2018) – 76 – Camera API – Saving High Quality Photo into a FIle

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If your application need a high quality photo from an external camera application then you have to provide a valid file for saving that image. Pass the file path with the intent that start the external camera application.

This video demonstrate how to save a high quality image taken from an external camera app into a file .

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    sir, can you please tell me, Is there any way to display image in another page without creating that display image button.

  2. Lyrical Videos says

    Sir.. Please share the code to capture image nd upload to database.. Please reply ASAP.. Its urgent

  3. QuidPanic says

    I tried to run this on my phone huawei mate 2 pro ( no external storage) the photo is not being displayed.

    How can i fix this?

  4. MiQ07 says

    Thanks man!! Keep up the Good Work

  5. Olukayode Paul says

    Hello is it possible to upload this image using retrofit to the server?

  6. Mark Khor says

    Hi, I get rotated image after following the tutorial. Any idea how can we get it sorted out?

  7. Mustafa Shaikh says

    can we take multiple photos and make slide to view all in display activity…???

  8. aezaz vahora says

    i need to how to tracking app code so please provide…sir

  9. Arpit kumar Jain says


    why you use this sir?
    When i add this in manifest file and I run this app in nougat version of mobile phone
    app force closes and said

    " android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: not an error (code 0): Could not open the database in read/write mode."

    so please help what to do when i ave image in database.

    Please reply me as early as possible sir

  10. Manan Tandon says

    Sir plz tell me that how can I use the emulator because it is not working and x86 is also installed but still there is the problem and when ever I run the app 3 errors prompt up
    1)process finished with error code 1
    2)x86currently requires hardware acceleration
    3)quick boot/snapshots not supported on this machine. A CPU with EPT+UG features is currently needed


  11. Kanha Bharti says

    it is not working in redmi note4 ,Sir If you solution please tell me, First time not getting image 2nd time it works,

  12. Sir I think, I need a small class about android provider.. Actually I don't get it perfectly what it does..

  13. ProVasPro says

    Hight quality in Camera? What about focus and white balance and all new camera functions?

  14. sagar sable says

    great video thanks,
    but can you make video on select image from gallery as well as capture through camera and send it to server by converting it to string(Base64) or if you have better decoding methods please??

  15. Shakti Ranjan says

    Sir can we have a video on OCR please…

  16. Sanjeet Reviewer says

    Sir please explain the code why we using it you just using but not clear tha code….👍👍

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