1. henry soogen says

    I enjoyed this beautiful montage. Thank you for sharing this with all fans of Audrey Hepburn. I myself have also made a montage of this occasion with film and photos mixed. With the accompanying music it became even more beautiful. (Translation program)

  2. Dorian Gray says

    Thank you for sharing these. Audrey will always remain my favorite, she is truly an icon.

  3. farmlife fun says

    One of my favorite all time actresses. She looked so beautiful and happy on her special day.

  4. Linda Roy says

    Inimitable classy style. A lovely woman

  5. Jeff Richardson says

    Class, elegance, beauty.

  6. Jane Marple says

    Such beautiful pictures on a lovely piano music

  7. Julie Sarah Jimenez says

    Classy,graceful and beautiful I love her so much thank you

  8. Y K says

    When you are beautiful inside it brings out your physical beauty even more! The most beautiful woman that ever walked the earth.

  9. Cynthia Hawkins says

    I swear you could wrap that exquisite woman in a trash bag, and she'd look elegant as a princess. Some people got it, some people don't. Rest in peace, lovely lady!!

  10. Claudia claudie says

    Merci pour ce très joli partage

  11. Carol Jedynasty says

    She was elegant.

  12. Dirty Hairy says

    Beautiful lady and great actress.

  13. Jenny Moran says

    This is an all time beautie , spoke ov even today , elegant ,charming ,an very muched loved flawless , uk fan

  14. Explore your options says

    I have her entire movie collection and bloopers from film and interviews

  15. Explore your options says

    I'm 32 now and out of all the women I have seen on media Audrey Hepburn is still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
    My jaw still drops at her beauty she was a preternatural beauty!

  16. Barbara Chase says

    * Thank you…Audrey Hepburn was beautiful..a great actress..and a generous philanthropist..God blessed her while on this earth, and us as well because of her…

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