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La Strada is an outstanding catalogue of Italian street photographs from the 1960’s. Works from the private collection of Keith de Lellis exhibit the new renaissance of post-WWII Italy. These works show the influence of the established street photography from photojournalists such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, W Eugene Smith and Robert Frank. These influences are projected on to an Italian landscape here and represent photography that is quite unique and beautiful.

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  1. Steven Penny says

    La Strada … I just searched for it and the only copy I could find is selling for ….£1937.42 + £52 shipping costs.

  2. Carl Pen says

    I saw this book at our library… there's not one single picture… nada… not one picture of a pizza, or someone giving the photographer the finger or a shooting

  3. Matthew Ford says

    I think I recognize the "Obelisk" picture and it's in Bologna, and they are two towers. That point of view like that and the shot and composition is fantastic! I'm Italian and some of this stuff is still unknown to me.. gotta catch up!

  4. Newpix says

    Thank you for your insights and for doing such a beautiful episode on photography from my home country. I am just getting into street photography and bought a Fuji xt100 with a 35mm and I am loving the small form factor and the freedom it gives you. I am trying to learn as much as I could and your videos really help. Thanks!

  5. Charles Saadiq says

    Thank you for sharing. These are inspiring photographs; your channel is awesome!

  6. Ben Lundsten says

    The images in this book are stunning! Thanks for the video. Officially added to my list.

  7. E. A. Szolis says

    BTW there is a lot of Rodchenko style going on in there too.

  8. E. A. Szolis says

    Thank you for this peek into this book and the links, just bought a copy! yay!

  9. Craig Tedeton says

    This is a hard one to track down. Out of print in 2010 and those that have it in Europe are not shipping to the US. 🙁

  10. Jürgen Fabian says

    Very fascinating look on street photography in Italy in the 1960s.

  11. JRL says

    9:45 image. is my favorite. what makes it MORE interesting is the shadows of the couples parallel and perpendicular to diagonals.
    10:35 image. i think the dynamic lines applied here was the directions of the two person walking. that makes it brilliant.
    Good Images, hope this book is available in Philippines.

  12. Karl Shaw says

    Great insight into a great book

  13. Philip Paynter says

    These are some of the most interesting photos of their sort I've seen. Thanks!

  14. Majo Peroni says

    Great video!! These pictures are stunningly beautiful!!

  15. John Ioannou says

    A wonderful book indeed… but at a high cost. Even a used book will cost in at least $500-600. Still a good investment for those who love the art.

  16. Yoo Suk Jeong says


  17. Titus Livius says

    If you take a photo of a rusty staircase these days "established" street photographers will laugh and say that it's not true street photography, but in 60-100 years people will find your picture really interesting.

  18. Shanti G says

    Ted you are one hell of a teacher. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  19. Claudio Patrizi says

    Where is it possible to buy this book?

  20. Felipe Durli says


  21. The Candid Frame says

    This was a great exploration of these wonderful images. The compositional points you made were very insightful. I look forward to more of this.

  22. Peter H says

    Great review Ted. Interesting point about the silhouette images being a metaphor for post war Italian society, which may be true of the adult population who lived through it, but not the children depicted in such playful abandonment.

  23. Paolo Messeca says

    you forgot to mention the authors of the pictures

  24. Borderlands says

    A vertical composition is a rarity in modern street photography, in this book most are tall shots. I wonder is they were originally intended for publication?

  25. Michał Pawełczak says

    $9251 in amazon. Wow!

  26. andre1k28 says

    I've got the pleasure to have known personally Nino Migliori and his work is amazing. Mid 50's, 60's and 70's italian street photography is very underrated.
    Never heard of this book before, here on amazon is 40€, i gonna buy it for sure! Great find Ted! Cheers from Italy.

  27. Robert Townsend says

    I was gonna buy this book until I saw the price, 2,421.00

  28. Jorge Gomez says

    Wow!, the price in Amazon is now $1731

  29. Balázs Szabó says

    great episode! check out Gianni Berengo Gardin's work too, amazing italian photojournalist 😉

  30. John Floyd says

    Ted, the price of this book shot from around $90 t0 $1,300 in the matter of a week!?!?!? Such market power you wield, use it for the power of good, okay? We'd also love a reprint. 😉 Thanks again for an awesome show.

  31. MR MR says

    "in the next few weeks" .. cannot wait for Contrast to launch Ted. Thanks for sharing the beautiful book and great insights.

  32. AWildIvan says

    Have you ever thought of teaching or doing some sort of workshop with your viewers? I think you have a lot to offer as a mentor.

  33. Stuart Borland says

    Had a look on They are looking for £999.00!!! Maybe next year

  34. Jeremy Valdez says

    Oh my God! That book is $623 . That's steep.

  35. Eskil Hesselroth says

    It's really impressive how almost all the photographs are vertical.

  36. Gerald Moncrief says

    Now this is the type of show that cause me to subscribe. Absolutely love this type of format, also it just introduced me to another book that I would love to have. Well done, Ted.

  37. AManWhoWasntThere says

    I just looked for the book on Amazon Germany. I only found one for the cheap price of 800+ € … Too bad… The images you showed here were amazing. Exaclty the kind of photography that I enjoy the most. And I completely agree with your assessment of Lost In Translation. It's a simple movie but it's beautiful and every time I watch it makes me feel good. It's one of my all time favourite movies.

  38. Nevermanvideo says

    Thanks for the share I will look around for it.

    Also let me share you a nice find (the founding and development of modern photography in japan)
    I was surprised by that book and very inspired.

  39. Mark Garcia says

    For squarespace, is there a way where people can't copy and paste your photos?

  40. ryanehoward says

    Another book review, another book to add to my wish list.

  41. Mirror says

    proud of being Italian!!

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