My Fire Ants Are Planning an Escape

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My fire ants are planning a great escape! This video shows what I did to circumvent their plans and make them change their minds. Hope you like this video! Visit us at

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English CC by Karthika Devi Veeramani, Ruact Mini, Ruact Mini
Portugese CC by Brenda Fernandes
Finnish CC by Antzillion
Spanish CC by LUIS-FX, tvAlexchannel, carlos ramos, Tigerlicious AJ, LUIS ACA, Valentina Torres, Benjamin R. Asesoria GRATIS en Tareas de Inglès, Damián Rojas

Thumbnail and photos in this video courtesy of Alex Wild Photography

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  1. 멋진인도랩터님 says


  2. ROMAINE Carter says

    Too many ants… not enough uncles…

  3. T Hispanic says

    Its like the scene from world war z

  4. verdxve says

    How did you get the ants did you just go outside and get them or you got them in a pet store

  5. Real King In the world Is Ant The King Of Population

  6. Nijii. says

    Just like humans.

  7. Shadan Movies 2 Enjoy says

    Put the cockroaches in after they die

  8. All in All says

    I have a challenge. Maybe try and keep and contain a colony of bullet ants, if that is possible. And if you haven’t already done it.

  9. Kathleen Chittaphong says

    I’m so itchy

  10. Crickkett75 says

    Isn’t it weird, what videos show up for each one of us? All about marketing.
    For me… mass deaths of these are greatly welcomed throughout the world, as these things can kill, and almost killed me. They cause immense ongoing pain and life-threatening tachycardia. They’re just evil 👿

  11. Kevin Lawrence says

    Looks like Nashville's interstates.

  12. Linkmon99 says

    This makes me think back to when I bought one of those ant farms as a kid, rose them and then they somehow all got out LOLRIP

  13. Jean Carbone says

    Fire ants may be pets in Canada, but down here in the Carolinas, we kill them without mercy as fast as we can. A colony can actually kill a dog if he gets covered with them. They are hazards on lawns and golf courses. Everybody that works a garden knows how painful their sting can be.

  14. Katie Takeuchi says


  15. Vugen18 says

    WHat a jebait. Where is the great escape??

  16. Sujeong Avoraazanai says

    yauuuhhhh When you threw in the roaches I had to stop for a minute…

  17. 414MrMilwaukee says

    Ants: one of these days buddy. While your filming us and playing Fortnite……
    get ready for as surprise

  18. Piratagarrapata 2005 says

    Ant – man

  19. John Ferrari says

    I feel like having a group of human friends would be easier to deal with

  20. クリボー0102 says


  21. Jane Skorina says

    What are laws about fire ants in Canada

  22. Ronnie Morgan says

    What a freak

  23. TDAKS says

    If you drop the ball one day and these escape into the wild I do hope you are made to regret it in a big way.

  24. Anıl Perk says

    Ants like a humans and u like captain G. But better version 'cause our captain G dont care anything about us.

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