EEVblog #625 – Retro Teardown: Sony's First Digital Camera

24 17

Dave tears down Sony’s first digital camera that used removable media, a 3.5″ floppy drive! The 640×480 resolution 0.3Mpixel 1997 vintage Sony Mavica MVC-FD7
Original image files here:

Sorry, couldn’t get all, the PC floppy drive is failing…

UPD72069 Floppy-Disk Controller

AD9801 CCD image sensor processor

MB90089 OSD:
SH7032 32 Bit Microcontroller:

MB3785A Switching Regulator:

Teardown Photos:

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  1. Anthony Quigley says

    SOmeone tought him the word vintage in that context sometime when he was younger, and he's never shut up about it… 2018 vintage

  2. Mihai Mihai says

    Stupid guy to much non sense talk

  3. Please do a review about Sony high resolution audio

  4. Achilleas Labrou says

    Since the late 80's videocameras were using digital image sensors. However the portable storage of digital data was very difficult and expensive then. So the digital data was converted to analog signal and saved to magnetic tapes.
    The Mavica with floppy disk was actually a videocamera that was saving digital data in the very convenient floppy disk. The resolution of photos was 320 X 240. For static objects it could be with double capture 640 X 480.
    At that time many PC monitors had the typical 800 X 600 resolution. So the 320 x 240 photos weren't small at all. This camera was very expensive and the ability of avoiding the expensive film was highly important.

  5. Supercyber Cow says

    When that floppy dropped out my face made a big smile

  6. All Things M3 says

    I had one of those without the 10x It was awesome because you could just have a bunch of floppy’s and take all the pictures you wanted. I paid $120 at the Sony refurbished outlet. I would buy the entire stock out of certain products. And resale locally and make good money.

  7. blkctthwt says

    I paid $1,000. for my first Sony. It broke and I bought a later, better Mavica for $600. that also broke. In that short time the Mavica became a dinosaur.These cameras must have totally killed the one- hour film processing business linked to some industries. At my volume, the camera was so worth not having to drop-off and pick-up film anymore. I was elated. Around the same time cell and business software were improving and making my life far better as well. It appears to have been a pivotal time and It happens in a capitalist system.

  8. rs agarwaen says

    maybe that battery half full meant,it was charging flash capictor with electricty for future use??

  9. changedNikiWin says

    Why S_Shake didn't work on this device? xd

  10. David Perkins says

    16:09 – Too bad the Rigol doesn't have waveform display! (or does it?) When I first saw the Rigol unit, I thought it was an oscillocope!

  11. David Perkins says

    Another thing we take for granted: running off mains! Those (proprietary) batteries were charged by an external charger.

  12. David Perkins says

    I bought one of these in 1998 and hated it THEN! Low resolution, TOO-BRIGHT flash. Also around that time, new 3.5" floppies were UNRELIABLE. Lots of corrupted photos 🙁 Meh.

  13. Marc López Puig says

    OMG!!! it is the first dslr to ever exist

  14. Nikki Carlson says

    Jeez those photos aren't bad, that quality is better than half the photos people put up on Gumtree

  15. SeaShore Antics says

    thanks for nostalgic memories. . . used one of these & spent a great several (quite a few) hours filming a sea-slater trying to get home. . . .have put it inside this mini move 320×240 hahaha awesome sony luv you:

  16. Jason Mills says

    I remember my first one, the Mavica FD5, and thought it was the best thing ever! (and at the time it just about was) no zoom on that FD5 model though, and used it for about 3 years and used it daily. Those were the days when Sony made hardware that lasted and used next to no power…. One of the best purchases I made, even though it did cost £699 back then…

  17. Arlind22 says

    The first mavica using floppys was the FD5, the FD7 was released the same year but a bit later.

  18. Björn P. says

    Getting a 403 on your "Original image files" link.

  19. The Sqoou says

    27:00 I wonder if something like that is what made that red line on the flat TV screen, but only where there was text. The number was a reddish orange line and the central text was blue. There were lines only where there was text, so maybe there was a separate text chip in a similar way to this old camera. Possibly for international language purposes and or some bizarre manufacturing budget fluke.

  20. Todesgeber says

    if i wasn't so lazy and inept i'd love for you to take a meander through my fully functional Kodak DC20 digital camera. love these videos… 😀

  21. The Average Retro Gamers says

    403 forbidden message on link to original image files.

  22. Rafael Zapata says

    I using today this camera

  23. trippedbreaker says

    We picked up several of these cameras when they were introduced, to take pictures to be displayed on a television station. They worked beautifully, and were highly appreciated by everyone who got to use them.

  24. trippedbreaker says

    We picked up several of these cameras when they were introduced, to take pictures to be displayed on a television station. They worked beautifully, and were highly appreciated by everyone who got to use them.

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