The Great Photographers At Life Magazine Share Stories

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This is a short version of my television documentary made for the 50th anniversary of Life Magazine. I was thrilled to get the chance to speak with these great photojournalists and to have them talk to me about some of the best photographs and stories. Those of you too young to remember may not realize that at the time, for many Americans, Life Magazine Was the news. And these photographic storytellers were sent on assignment to see amazing things and record them.

  1. veronica cibrian says

    Wow. Thank u

  2. Dab Kun says

    Song at 17:38 ? Amazing video and channel

  3. weehawk says

    I really appreciate and enjoy this channel!

  4. GodsNotDead69 says

    loved the ending! what a true expression of good memories remembered.

  5. / / says

    Thanks for sharing it its been a pleasure watching this and the rest of your archive

  6. Jon Glass says

    Life's view of the 50s… Interesting how Walter Cronkite portrayed it….

  7. TheSpritz0 says

    LIFE magazine was THE "internet" of the 1960's and 1970's!!!!

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