1. Teresa Morris says

    Love this stuff.

  2. anakin Skywalker says


  3. VGF64 says

    That oldest photograph was taken the same year John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died.

  4. Maphiro611 says

    Amazing pictures, but 6+ minutes of that music can lead to the desire to commit suicide.

  5. kubyco says

    Sorry, but that first self-portrait is not of John Johnson, but of Robert Cornelius of Philadelphia.

  6. RainScratch says

    What an incredible invention was photography. The ability to capture a unique place in time and space, that will/can never be repeated. Thank you to whoever put this together for providing informative captions to locate and put context to the images. Nothing worse than random unidentified images, where the subject is, in effect, lost to knowledge, other than being just an 'old image'.

  7. TV社会不適合者 says


  8. Blond Thought says

    I'm sort glad I didn't have to deal with John Quincy Adams. I probably would have pissed myself.

  9. Lisa M says

    Fascinating stuff.


    I did not realize they had the ability to take a color picture back in 18,00's

  11. Derek Sinclair says

    James Clerk Maxwell was ever so slightly more than a photographer!

  12. Gilmara Azevedo de Souza says

    Photos from 1700s ?!

  13. Christine Jones says

    No matter what’s going on,they all look scary.

  14. antoyal says

    This kind of reminds me of those "I've shaken the hand that's shaken the hand of…" stories, or like how President (1841-1845) John Tyler still has a couple of living grandsons.
    For what it's worth, I've shaken the hand (my late grandfather's) that has shaken the hand of someone born in the 18th Century.

  15. Doctor Who Fan Audio Plays says

    Brazil's emperor Pedro II did take selfies in the 1880's.

  16. Sub- Zero says

    The past are the best

  17. Phyllis Charpentier says

    John Johnson was quite handsome.

  18. leonard Larrisey says

    No smiling faces

  19. wrestlingconnoisseur says

    Early in the nineteenth century, lacking the advanced technology of the bridle, horse owners led their animals around by their tongues.

    Boy, it's amazing how you learn something new every day.

  20. Gabriela S. Markette says

    Hello John Johnson!

  21. Mundia Kamau says

    Amazing, truly amazing:-) Thanks very much for this posting, which I come across 9 years after it was posted:-) Regards, Michael M. Kamau, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa, 6th April 2019.

  22. Alex says

    Welcome to another episode of YouTube reccomendations

  23. Ava Robertson says

    17th century photos

  24. William Jordan says

    Robert Cornelius, not John Johnson.


    Interesting collection

  26. ted smack says


  27. Daood Zafar says

    It’s amazing how there are pictures that are actually quite good like the shoe shiner and the Paris buildings, that’s a good quality picture from the mid 1800s

  28. Ihdc1 says

    The picture of Harrison is not real. It's a picture of an oil painting. The real picture was lost.

  29. JDT Drawing says

    To think there could actually still be older photos out there… you never know. The world is far too vast

  30. Booty Jams says

    Part of me wishes I lived back then 😢

  31. David Dou says

    Contradiction, oldest photo 1790's, oldest surviving 1825, permanent 1826. Then why isn't 1790 oldest or if disputed why not 1825? Man leading horse 1825 but oldest of person 1838, isn't a man a person? Dorothy Catherine Draper 1st woman to be photographed, caption says 1st daguerreotype of the human face in existence, not 1st woman. William Henry Harrison 1st President taken 1841, John Quincy Adams 1st sitting President 1843, was Harrison standing? Not sure which one is the 1st, am I missing something?

  32. Baron Zaebos says

    There is a known photo of Constanze Mozart. That's Mozarts widow. I don't know if it's real but it's strange to think what memories she would have of her husband all those years later.

  33. Chang-Jung Karki says

    These guys never would have thought they would make it on youtube someday. 😃😃😃😉😉😉

  34. Layla Nahar says

    First Selfie guy is kinda cute. (no necro…)

  35. Depressed sax kid says

    These pictures still look better than android

  36. Tim Addison says

    The photograph shown at 00:00:36 was taken on the 18th century. The 18th century began in 1700 and ended at 1799.

  37. Robert Heal says

    My favorite old photo is the Duke of Wellington.

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