Top 10 Tricks for Outdoor Portraits

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Famous for his straight-forward way of teaching, Andrew Boey brings you his favorite Top 10 Tricks for outdoor portrait shoots; featuring the lovely model Frost Yaw.

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Camera & Director: Chong Yichong
Editor: Izzat Fadhil & Andrew Boey
Model: Frost Yaw
Location: Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur
(more on this location, filmed by academy trainer Ong Woei Min:

  1. Platinum Dragon Productions says

    Your show is great! In under 8 minutes, I just got a wealth of information to try out! Thank you! 😀

  2. YouWatchers says

    Great vid! Can you do a video on indoor portrait?

  3. rita matar says

    Thank you teacher i learned alot 🍀

  4. Brandon Mills says

    Andrew, are you using the Nikon d700?

  5. SeanP7195 says

    Still can’t quite understand the cube

  6. Vee Boogie says

    This was great!

  7. Rod Zalez says


  8. M.A. says

    very good tips

  9. thtupid says

    wow…subscribed! all I have to do now is remember and practice and rewatch. Thanks! Thank you youtube/google for bringing me here and thank you for making this!

  10. Korsair Whisky says

    i use nikon too but i used nikonZ 50mm f1.8 S Line lens are expensive

  11. Corentin Harbelot says

    Excellent vidéo, bravo et merci !

  12. kevin vianzon says

    Thank you. You earned a sub 😁 I like how simple and fast you teach. This is what I need.

  13. kelvinraytech says

    Good tips.. Noticed there are few shot was miss focused on her shoulder rather her eyes..probably tips 11 manual focus ? 🙂

  14. Kartik K says

    The best tutorial about portraits. Loved it!

  15. Moktadir Kabir says

    Great! Very useful tricks. Thanks.

  16. Thomas T says

    great tips, thanks for sharing. what that black thing poke out at 0:48 ? LOL

  17. TheRealDamiani says

    Don’t be a litter bug.

  18. John Cantrell says

    Zoos info, thanks for sharing.

  19. William Cain says

    Really good and informative video thank you.

  20. ersway says

    That's the first video of yours I've seen I like it!..

  21. Joseph Barney says

    Excellent tips! Thanks!

  22. wksoh says


  23. maf36 says

    So good that I had come back and re-watch the video

  24. Cabib Tanggomay says

    I really love your videos sir also the way you teach us on how to: … I am a beginner photographer and i learn a lot from your videos…

  25. johnrobert usaraga says

    Auto subscribe sir youre awesome youre willing to share your all knowledge

  26. Kelvin Pillarframe says

    Good teaching technique. Regards

  27. Alain Plonge says

    Simple et clair, bravo. Et très jolie modèle !

  28. NilPem Samsohang says

    Haha.. I like your ending 😅 sir.

  29. Mario Jose II Silvino says

    Awesome tips bro. Specially the cube thing!👍

  30. Heam Chanthyda says


  31. Alex Grebench says

    Good stuff! Thank you!

  32. Md. Rajibul Hasan says

    Amazing tips. Thank you

  33. JQ24 says

    Awesome!! I learned a few new things today.

  34. adventure360 says

    I never comment!!!!! But you are so easy to watch and so simplified! Excellent job!!!!

  35. Kaptain Kendrick says

    I like it!

  36. Voasary says

    You're a photography hero!

  37. JB says

    Great tips & no fluff. Especially loved the cube framing method. That will really help me get faster and more consistent when doing individual portraits.

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