Episode 6. Photoshop & Lightroom – Men's Portrait Retouching Workflow

25 21

In this episode, I take everything we covered during the first 5 episodes on retouching and combine them into a single video.

Not only will you learn how to effectively put all the concepts together, but I’ll introduce a simple workflow so that you won’t loose your sanity. 😉

If you’re looking for the FREE retouching actions mentioned in this segment, you can find them here:

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  1. rachel yatteau says

    WOW! Your video is great ! i can't believe I haven't seen all of your stuff yet. You're easy to understand and truly talented! THANK YOU!

  2. Matt Wong says

    Great video! Thanks for the actions!

  3. Brett Harris says

    I'm so far behind retouching editing, I do very basic F/S. Watching you add in extra layers confused me more. Guess I'll have to keep trying .

  4. Peter Guardiola says

    Thank you Jeff, great tutorial I learned so much and you inspire me for portrait photography, you are the man!!

  5. Oussama Chachou says

    thank you so much

  6. John Glavey says

    As a teacher of 30 + years and still fascinated with the art may i compliment on all aspects of your presentations. Thank you.

  7. Divi Photos says

    Nice video

  8. Teresa Cesario says

    I agree, perfect voice and kindness in it.

  9. Teresa Cesario says

    So helpful as usual!!!

  10. Stafford "Tiger" Murray says

    This is highly awesome!!!… this just goes to shy that most celebrities don't really look as they appear??

  11. DX says

    Thanks Jeff! Great Video. BTW, where did you get the backdrop in the video?

  12. Şafak says

    can someone give the photo??

  13. Tom Kaszuba says

    You are a very good teacher. Excellent video. Thanks

  14. Mahmmud Yousef says

    Awesome video man thanks!!!! I have one question. For dodge and burn are there any advantages of doing in photoshop and not Lightroom?

  15. FLIXDESIGN says

    Thank you so much! Your tutorials helps me a lot!

    Regards from Germany 🙂

  16. Hector Vialet says

    Thanks Very Much, God Bless You, great

  17. Stephen Greene says

    Great work and awesome video as always. Question though, I've seen your work printed HUGE. For this shot in particular, what did you shoot with that you weren't concerned with cropping so much in post? Also, how much do you consider print size when your

  18. Terence Mitchao says

    you were with creative live right? awesome, perfect! haha love your expressions.

  19. Terence Mitchao says

    do you have this same photo that we can practice on?

  20. Cristina Franco says

    thanks Jeff, i am learning so much! And your voice is so clear and pleasant.

  21. Neale Adair says

    Thank you for your generosity.

  22. Pharpan Thaisong says

    i would like to take some workshop with you. Very like your style. If you have some workshop let me know please!!!!

  23. Cool Korea says

    Great job and thanks so much for your lessons 🙂

  24. Henry Elfering says

    Thanks, these videos are really helpful

  25. Michael Bryant says

    Great work.

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