1. Neo Holmström says

    The first picture of a fucking fish

  2. 123Quannn says

    3:40 the hogfish look like the pic was taken on an LG flip phone lol

  3. TOUCH IT says

    Is it real? How can I believe

  4. TimelessHorrorTV says

    But first, let me take a selfie…..and we're waiting….and we're waiting…still waiting…ugh…

  5. Dal V says

    So the first digital photograph in 1957, how was it viewed? I know Polaroid bought the rights to the technology to preserve their stake in the film industry but how was it viewed? I’m sure USB ports didn’t exist. Does anyone know what the camera looked like?

  6. Laura Catherine Anderson says

    Robert Cornelius was kind of a hottie!!

  7. Deadeyes X says

    search: views of the sun from other planets

  8. My ShadowKungFu says

    No. The oldest photographs in the world are in the real…museums. The old money families have all the real treasures locked up.

  9. freak777power says

    Every once a while you will encounter video with the older photograph ever taken which is older than you think it is possible. Simply put, time travelers have been taking these photographs.

  10. [GD] Sapphuby says

    I'm not sure if the 1825 one is a photo

  11. boogleben1 says

    Good music.

  12. Name's OMEGA says

    I'm looking for a picture of the van der lien gang

  13. phukc it says

    The first portraits the man and the woman, they're not smiling. Smiling in a photograph had not been invented yet

  14. Jimmy Page 1971 says

    Music reminds me of tangerine dream

  15. Saint Martins says

    @ 1:22 You mean the world's very first "selfie" by Robert Cornelius (1839) "What a self absorbed slut."

  16. kev lar says

    I'm pretty sure that the first photograph was some guys junk?

  17. sunny singh says

    Amazing …we can't travel in past..great music in background..

  18. Fat Sloppy says

    The first photograph and possibly the second one were taken when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were still alive. That blows my mind.

  19. 56squadron says

    Men… LOL… first photo in the history of the world in 1837…. and it's a naked greek chick.

  20. Edward Anthony says

    Getting close to 200 years but think of all the history missed..

  21. john preston says

    1839 selfie was invented

  22. immortal says

    I wish I had a time machine.

  23. Kawasaki Fonzi says

    Loved this, thanks for posting.

  24. Redheaded Step Stacker says

    I have the oldest world in photographs. Top that

  25. S2 Turbine says

    1992 was not the first photograph published on the "internet". That is just dead-wrong. The World-Wide-Web, perhaps. But pictures were sent back and forth regularly through Usenet, FTP, Gopher and other protocols years before that. Looks like you got your info from a factually incorrect Huffpost article (They even admit it's wrong, but don't retract the article.)

  26. Lloyd Christmas says

    The music is hauntingly beautiful

  27. Mohit Nair says

    2:52 color photos existed back then????

  28. Mohit Nair says

    Did u notice that the first ones are all French?

  29. Mohit Nair says

    0:20 that's a photo??

  30. Woopindif shouldakepshlepin says

    If you look up pictures of earth from space their all different. Landmasses are diffrentley shaped, different colors, why is this. Is NASA useing different cameras for different effects of earth?

  31. SouthBay RickyBobby says

    The selfie is soooo 1839

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