Pictures That Will Give You Elementary School Flashbacks

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Watch Me React To Elementary School Flashbacks!
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  1. The Memish Unikitty says

    Oh my, the memories!

  2. mystery person says

    I'm 12 and these are all still things

  3. ahhh btsssl says

    Who is ellen? People are saying I love Ellen's nails! Well I love Kyutie's nails! Unless they are saying The Ellen Show! She doesn't wear nails Ellen From The Ellen Show doesn't wear nails!

  4. Isa Anna T says

    I have all of this stuff EVERYTHING THAT'S IN THIS VIDEO in my school and I'm in 4rth grade. Oof my teachers old the S's the Erasers… The pens tho yasss heads down yep… Check

  5. Sabine Davis. says

    Well I’m in elementary school so yeah… I honestly don’t relate to any of these because I’m in second grade

  6. Damien dunnion says

    I always did the S . Did anyone else?😁

  7. ANG ELA says

    likes own comment
    OmG i GoT a LiKe

  8. Erika_da_ weirdo_ says

    I'm still in elementary and gonna leave next year for 5th grade and I feel old….

  9. Gamer Fox07 says

    THIS IS SO RELATABLE!! Also at 1:09 Why is there just a random bear in the crowd of fruit. Did anyone notice?

  10. family account says
  11. iiAqxa says

    Smelling the chemicals won't make you dumb, it's just unhealthy.


  12. XMinty_MS _ShiversX says

    That’s 7UP!

  13. Gatcha Wolfie says

    I’m 10 and love paint on the computer I also love heads down thumbs up

  14. Mitzie Drew says


  15. Mitzie Drew says

    I'm still in ELEMENTARY!!!


  16. marius georgel stoian says

    Im a kid

  17. Lori Delgado says

    Kyutie loves math

    People like ellen:ohhhhh i luvvvvv math


  18. Ketchup Chan says

    at my school, we play this game called marker marker and our teacher lets us have maker swords and fight with the person beside us for a minute

  19. Leigh Van Zanten says


  20. Leigh Van Zanten says

    go mathy kyutie fam

  21. Leigh Van Zanten says

  22. Itz Jennovy says

    I am sorry but you talk to much

  23. Happy Ball-ROBLOX and more says

    It's March, I'm 11, and I'm about to be a middle schooler. Kinda gonna miss the wonderful place, but, I remember most of these. *Breathes in 5th grade air, and breathes out Middle Schoole air*

    Edit: I am doing recorder in music specials (connections), and we have two different music teachers. Surprisingly, I have my 2nd day of music tomorrow.

  24. frozen yogurt bear says

    Omg yassss. Except i never saw the blue and red eraser and I dont know what 4:07 is.

  25. Sketching with Ana says

    I still do those S

  26. Once upon a time says

    how come i was bprn in 2009 but i play heads downnrhumbs up and i love the pens

  27. Mary Rose Rivera says

    0:36 I missed this

    But I am still grade 5

  28. The Wolfden says

    Omg yes Heads down thumbs up… the memories of 2nd grade….

  29. Metal Videos says

    That S is an international S sign i think. i am dutch and we did it here as well

  30. Adah Brianna Dante says

    I relate to everything..Im 9

  31. Amanda Brown says

    0:45 there is 0×9 I only saw dis ? Wat

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