1. Luis Gonzalez says

    does eve have an Instagram?

  2. Luis Gonzalez says

    THOSE EYES <3<3<3<3

  3. G Graham says

    f3.5 to 5.6!?

  4. Saurabh Sawant says

    May be I dont need lenses just Eden .
    Nice information easy n practical

  5. I'm feeling lucky, punk says

    I dont like too much blur, its like the subj is floating in clouds & its pretty lame.

  6. Matt Berry Custom says

    Great video, very informative. Earned yourself another sub!

  7. Gwadar TV says

    Thanks for that really really wonderful portrait tutorial video. I learned a lot 🧘‍♂️ to forget but this I think is unforgettable

  8. Faris Abdilah says

    i got lost in her eyes

  9. Dr23rippa says

    1:24 That is no lens, Its a black market bazoooka

  10. Im not mark says

    I use 85mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4, 14mm 2.8 for travel

  11. sayantan samanta says

    hi i am beginner. having cannon 80d with 18-55 lens… i wana buy a zoom lens can u suggest which one to buy!

  12. App Dev says

    Brave girl sitting on that cold wet concrete….

  13. This video is really helpful … thanks

  14. rjnakamura says

    the moment he holds the 400mm, i was like, wtf, thats a bazooka(weapon)

  15. Carlos Rosa says

    Great video, but hey, what's that focal lens divided by the aperture? I'm sorry, but I don't understand what it is and I assume is important, therefore I really like to understand the principle of it.

  16. june kevin ornido says

    i love the model

  17. nightfox380 says

    why does the girl keep tilting her head to the side

  18. craig hawkins says

    Great tips

  19. Raimonds says

    I thought it will never stop.
    The next lens we are gonna use is this 120 cm observatory telescope lense

  20. Whitney Wolfe says

    Very nice. Helpful to see all of the comparisons

  21. nate jimenez says

    That lens would blow off any tank, easily…..

  22. jopageri1964 says

    What's wrong with her neck? Oh. She's MODELING!

  23. Daniel ilavarasan says

    she is soo beautiful lol her eyes killing

  24. Is this raw pic which has is in the video

  25. John D says

    Wow she is beautiful.

  26. xanfus says

    That's a bazooka lol

  27. Aamir Asghar Ali says

    85mm f1.2 canon 85mm f1.4 gmaster sony 85mm nikor best for portrait

  28. OTB HD says

    Looking at that girl made me forget what was the video about hahaha

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