BRIDAL SHOOT – Magmod & Sony a7iii + 85mm f1.4 GM

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Hey guys & girls, check out my latest behind the scenes video on a bridal shoot I did.
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Photographer: Hanna Saba – HR Images
Second photographer – Eddie Gerdak
Videographer – Adam Kent

Designer –
Make up – Chantel Maalouf
Hair Stylist – Jessica Lebbos
Models: Ophemia Bainy –
Roula Rowda –
Natalie El Hakim –

Song: Dizaro – FlashBack (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:

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Gear Used in video
Sony 7III –
Sony a7sii –
Zeiss 35mm f1.4 –
85mm f1.4 GM –
Godox ad600pro –
Godox Xpro trigger –
Benro FGP28C tripod –
Benro HD2 3-Way Panhead –
Tenba Attache 2214W –
Godox ad200 – Godox ad200 –

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  1. Ray rodriguez says

    all your photo are on the warm side why and if your that is your taste to be warm yellow !!!! Awesome video

  2. Jay G. says

    Let me understand this… used a MagMod grid and the MagMod Sphere over the grid? Why?

  3. mcallen guy says

    Anything in post?

  4. TheUsufructuary says

    Loved watching, but I had to turn the sound off due to the choice of music. Chipmunks?

  5. ericthestone says

    Nice run and gun lighting setup but I think I still like a softbox better.

  6. LordXenon101 says

    Nice shots. Please ditch the audio with stupid tiny voices, your video will look 3xmore pro…

  7. Robert & Racquel Malcolm says

    Great video, which head did you use for the ad200 with the magmod? Was it the bulb or fresnel head? Thanks

  8. Femy says

    Hi Hannah, do you use magbounce during indoor events in low light? How do you find it?

  9. Ulrick Teissier says

    Thanks for your video really appreciate. Just one thing I notice, photos are on the warm side. Do you change something in your editing? As I didn’t saw that in your pas video. Too much for my taste…but anyway great pictures as usual.

  10. Gone Zapatero says

    Great shots, thanks for this

  11. J Touch says

    many advice i will give for video .
    1- shutter 1/125 and make the video 60fps , in editing make it 24fps.
    2- buy Tiffen ND filter for 85 1.4 to use bokeh in your video .
    3- shot video with Slog 2 and try to color it 🙂

    keep the good work.

  12. Cinematic Pictures says

    Awesome BTS and pics, well done mate.

  13. Steven Green says

    Nice job on the BTS video Hanna, thanks for sharing.

  14. Manoj Hari har says

    Awesome video

  15. Daniel Rolfe says

    I need to get a ad200 as the ad600 can be bulky for on the move shooting

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