Wedding Album[after effects cs6 free template]

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This template was not done by us….
we are just publishing.
download link –
note – the video is blur…..but the file has HD quality.

  1. 그니의 브이로그 says

    missing…. how can I get the missing files?? help~ plz

  2. Vikram singh says

    File missing 28 yaar aise maat kiya karo ham apko follow karte hai

  3. Dasatva Production says

    WHATSAPP ME 7201819834

  4. Roopesh Raghavan says

    Video Files All are missing

  5. Andres Carrasco says

    upload the entire file…otherwise it can't be used

  6. La Fama manager says

    28 files are missing

  7. Anmol Creation says

    Fake. Everything is missing in the file. It would be nice if there was a folder included that had all of the files used.

  8. Nitesh Barai says

    file collect kar ke upload karo

  9. anurag dhiman says

    file missing

  10. Kholis Andi says

    Footagenya gak ada gan, jadinya missing file

    Butuh folder rar gan, sekaian footage

  11. Thiện studio says

    Bạn có thể làm video hướng dẫn ko vậy

  12. Rakesh kumar Dalei says

    Plz Send Me The Right One

  13. Dadesx says

    How can this shit have 280 likes

  14. Sebastian Maldonado says

    Fake. the file is empty

  15. WEDDING TREE says

    all files are missing

  16. play with mind says

    Not opening

  17. Pratik Soni says

    can you share me project source file on ..Need it asap


    do something for missing files problem…

  19. Thomas Kambarami says

    biggest fool idiot vhutsek

  20. JaySamurai79 says

    are the files actually missing or is it a case the files are there but just need to be located and reloaded into the project?

  21. oj tam- ojtam says

    Fake. Everything is missing in the file

  22. doanh nguyễn says

    Việt Nam à?

  23. Rahul Singh Video Editor says


  24. Prodip Das says

    you are sharing only the after effects main project file, it would be great if you share the whole project including the folder that has all the files used in this project. Thank you

  25. Pankti Shah says

    Everything in this file is missing. Can i get a complete file?

  26. Ashish Goyal says

    Can you please give me a link for collect file folder… Thanks

  27. suhas bhat says

    Hey, upload all files (footage) (assets). not only .aep files. it shows files are missing.

  28. Duong DesignArt says

    don't file Project AE. I can't use… 🙁

  29. Rb learning and entertainment says

    Sorry for the incovient ….the link had caught lot traffic..
    this is the new link

  30. TONY TRAN says

    missing files…

  31. pranay fereira says

    it isnt fake!!!!

  32. Comedy Bros says

    Fake. Everything is missing in the file. It would be nice if there was a folder included that had all of the files used.

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