portrait professional 10 tutorial download

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portrait professional tutorial download. really easy! and sorry 4 my bad english!!!
portrait proffesional link:

Ashampoo (screenshot) link:

hope u enjoy!!!

  1. maria de los angeles gimenez says

    esta viem pero no me guardada la imagen porque no tengo el numero de activación me puedes decir como la consigo  

  2. Workout Channel says


  3. Eruditeization says

    Wish I could buy it. Still won't work. My Mac just won't do it. My next computer will "Not" be a Mac.

  4. Giovanniram22 says

    I think that the original photos are those "touched" by a software!

  5. palonero says

    Instant portrait destruction.

  6. alexander mendez says

    what the bigest size you cant printing what about 16 x 20

  7. SHG3333 says

    ur AWESOME Thumps up for u

  8. essellar says

    @Cmayphotos You can't remove the word "TRIAL" in the trial version — that's kind of the point. The full version price is available in your currency if you click on the "Buy" option for any of the versions. At the moment, the standard version (which is only useful for JPEGs from P&S type cameras) is about $35; the "Studio" version, which includes a Photoshop plugin and can work in 16-bit mode files is about $60, and a 64-bit version for working with really large files for about $120.

  9. essellar says

    @Eruditeization There *is* a Macintosh OSX version; you should just need to select your operating system for the download.

  10. Lady_Assassian33 says

    @IIhateJUSTINbiber1 I couldn't find it. idk I took it off

  11. Feuchte omaa says

    make a screenshot with Ashampoo

  12. Cmayphotos says

    how do you get rid of the word "trial" over the finished look? and how much does the actuall one cost?

  13. Eruditeization says

    Can't download on my Mac computer. Just won't work. Can't figure out what installer is or where it is or what it is. Maybe this won't work with a Mac computer.

  14. hugh mccrory says

    Gives good results but once your done your 5mp original pic goes into a 1.5mp pic not very good for printing a larger photo ???????.

  15. Noman Safdar says


  16. Feuchte omaa says

    no problem 😀

  17. Emanuel Voci says


    alright boddy thnx anyway 🙂

  18. Feuchte omaa says

    yes but search: porttrait proffesional 10 key… than u find a fullversion

  19. Cc Lisa says

    A Barbie with man hands

  20. sutamrap says

    nesesito el crack para este programa porfavooooooooor gracias wey

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