How to create a photo sphere

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Photo Sphere is an Android camera feature that allows you to create immersive 360 degree panoramas – similar to Street View. This video shows how to take a series of photos and automatically turn them into a seamless 360 degree panorama. You can easily share your photo sphere with Google Maps. Learn more at

  1. Devin Harris says

    I downloaded the apk and installed it on my s7 active and it works great! You can view it via the app, Google photos, or the default gallery.

  2. Grant Robertson says

    This video is out of date. Please take it down and post an updated video.

  3. This is Cutie Ringo Joy says

    Why arent there an app for this that can save into my photos and see it in 360 instead of a round photo?

  4. Surulimalai P says


  5. Food4u says

    hi i am using google street view app and while taking photos i am not getting good quality pics. mobile using oppo f3 Plus . is there any settings or separate app for this ?

  6. sonijimhr 2009 says

    what's the name of this app? pls reply

  7. Microsys Computers says

    my new lenovo k8 plus is not having this app. so bad about android !!! they does not provide this app to all….. very sad…. what politics !!!

  8. tommyharbofriis says

    Where does one find this app? i need to make sphere maps on my Samsung S6 for Blender 3D.. i cant not find Google camera either??

  9. Thomas Franke says

    Best Cam- Made in Germany , 16 K –www.Panono.

    20 % Offer- Onlinecoupon: PANONOTF20D

  10. Anthony Salcido says

    Is it safe to include the sun?

  11. Rachel Spears says

    Can we get the app for iPhones?

  12. Dulal Chandra Dutta says

    very good

  13. Jatin Mishra says

    why not suport in my phone

  14. Arzy Arzamas says

    May I use Canon S90 fo this?

  15. Nasir Uddin says

    please add app link

  16. Finn R. says

    So many reactions

  17. Igor SIA says

    As the name of the application?

  18. TechnoTutos777 says

    como descargo esa cámara??

  19. fishy says

    i can only make 360° panoramas, not spheres, can't look up and down, just straight ahead, bummer
    or i'm missing something?

  20. Innagram TV says

    I am going to try!
    Hope My Nexus will do it well 🙂

  21. anonimus 07 says

    Alguien tiene la camara en apk? Gracias

  22. Edwis Pérez Diaz says

    Debi haber visto este video hace algunos meses, me hubiera evitado muchos errores jejejeje; aprendí con la practica. Gracias.

  23. Nicholas Walditama says


  24. Abhishek Verma says

    I am not able to capture a correct photoshere. It just messes up the photos.

  25. joessmax says

    Share on Maps don't appear in my Galaxy Note

  26. Naqi Ch says

    Nexus 4, Man i love this phone <3

  27. Nika Maisuradze says


  28. Ahmed Ilyas12 says


  29. Borislav Gridnev says

    I dont have it…

  30. Jg We says


  31. Richard Martinec says

    I use it to map our house, but sometimes it makes some things half-invisible. but thats fine.

  32. سعود الظهيري says

    اذا فتحت قوقل بلاي بحمل تطبيق التجول الافتراضي يقوللي مثبت وماقدر احدثه او احذفه
    واذا بحثت عنه في الجهاز ما القاه


  33. Swiizzey says

    What are the hardware reqs for this feature? I have a Samsung Galaxy Avant on android and this feature is unavailable for me in google camera.

  34. santhosh santhosh says

    Very useful video thank you Google map

  35. JohnnyLogic says

    You're going to look like an idiot

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