OnePlus 6 – Photo Camera App, Settings, Image Quality, Front Camera, Low Light, Portrait Mode

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Here you can get to our full review of the OnePlus 6 [German]:
Die deutsche Version des Videos geht auch heute online.

If you like to take pictures with your Smartphone, the OnePlus 6 may be the Smartphone for you. In this video, we´ll talk about the camera app, the image quality, front camera, settings, low light, portrait mode, portrait mode, beauty settings and more.

  1. Pavazamalli says

    how do you make it 16:9 so that YT vids show up widescreen.

  2. Faraz Ali says

    can we add Vivid filter in oneplus 6 camera ?

  3. Abajabba Dahatt says

    How long can op6 hold the shutter speed for in pro mode? I'm a photographer and really intrigued with this phone but I need to know this as i am currently using Nubia z11 and it can hold the shutter speed up to 21 minuites

  4. John Foster says

    Anyone notice the selphy camera blurs background

  5. Daniel Rosenthal says

    Sorry but I could not see where you may be able to change photo resolution…

  6. Sonny Wolf says

    let me know you can face tag the people in gallery please like Note 4

  7. jagadish rao says

    Hi ,
    I am not able to see, quick capture in camera settings.

  8. Abhinav Soni says

    I own a one Plus 6, what I have observed that all of the pictures I took from this phone, are smoothed. I mean whenever I zoom an image there are no details just feels like an 8 mp camera. Is there any setting to change it. cause everywhere I see so awesome pictures from OP6 and I just don;t know what settings to alter in my phone

  9. Varun Bhagat says

    Do u prefer note 8 now worth over op6?. Especially in camera

  10. Jackie Mae says

    I have a question. With the OnePlus 6, if you zoom in while video recording, does it get pixelated/blurry? I have the huawei honor 8 and I was so mad when I took it to a concert and tried to zoom in while recording–the Huawei almost totally blurs! Looks like Minecraft when it's recording while zoomed 😶

  11. Shireen Abedin says

    Hi. I can't find the smile shutter mode. Please help

  12. Ricky rusk says

    I need help I got my oneplus 6 yesterday but I can't get quality pictures on the back camera getting a lot of noises and the battery is draining fast. Is that normal?

  13. Akshay Karad says

    How can we click the photos like A1 mobile clicks

  14. Sanjay Singh says

    Please help me to choose between One Plus 6 and Samsung galaxy A8+

  15. pradeep s says

    Hi, I really don't see the settings symbol when I open the camera. How you got that?

  16. Al Zihad says

    When we will see front camera portrait mode in oneplus 6??

  17. Arman M says

    To take long exposure shots what is the longest shutter speed it offers?


    How much mb photos size will come

  19. Mohamed Al Maghraby says

    the oneplus 5t's selfie camera had focus point to close tothe phone which was bad for group selfies does the oneplus 6 have the same problem ?

  20. Tech Pro Malayalam says

    Is the lowlight performance in front camera is good?

  21. Sandeep cn says

    Is there Protraite mood in front camera

  22. Anton Aaltonen says

    thx for doing this video!

  23. Ravikant Hugar says

    I purchased dis phone but while recording slow motion video there is problem with video it's like high light and low light I mean dark and bright dark and Bright after video recorded videos is also same issue why what is the reason

  24. Sgt_LaggerLP says

    Wie gut ist die Audioaufnahmequalität in Videos ?

  25. Charul Singla says

    why slow motion is so dark as compare to normal video mode at night ? or is there any setting option for it…please help

  26. Priyajit Ghosh says

    quick capture mode is missing in my oneplus 6…shocking…

  27. Moises Augusto says

    Hi… How about autofocus? Is it really fast and good?

  28. Lahari Reddy says

    How to switch on front camera potrait in oneplus6

  29. sangram malik says

    Samsung galaxy s8 plus vs One Plus 6, Which Camera Is Better ?

  30. Branko Popovic says

    In your opinion which camera is better LG G7 or Oneplus 6 ?

  31. SAURABH KUMAR says

    Honor 10 vs Oneplus 6 plz!!

  32. Yaser Al-Sokary says

    Can you compare it to the Mi Mix 2s?

  33. Amit Kumar says

    Pls make a video on water proof certification…

  34. Super Mario says

    Can you compare with iPhone X

  35. Haim Green says

    Let's make it very simple , take a shot , zoom in and tell us if u see the "oil painting" affact .
    If u do see it, I Feel bad and ashamed for one plus, let us know.

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