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For todays video I’ll teach you have to take portrait photos with your new DJI Mavic 2 pro drone. This simple method will help you take portrait photos ready to be posted for instagrams 4×5 crop. Learn how to take manual raw panorama photos with your DJI Mavic 2 Pro!
▶Sony 16-35 Gmaster Lens
▶Sony 55mm Ziess Lens
▶My Monitor:
▶My Drone:
▶The Gimbal I use:
▶My Mic
▶My Main Tripod
▶Best small tripod
▶The bag that keeps it all safe
For those of you who are new to the channel my name is Jason Anthony but everyone calls me Jay. I grew up in New York and moved to California a little over a year ago. I love creating content and landscape photos are my thang! California has some amazing national parks and I love exploring them with good company! I drop videos every week so make sure to SUBSCRIBE to make sure you don’t miss them!

  1. I'm Jason Anthony says

    I apologize about the repetitive Lightroom part. I honestly don’t know what happened when I went back to my original export it’s only there once when I reviewed the video before exporting out. I guess it happens 🤷🏻‍♂️I don’t want to take the video down and re-upload jt due to youtube not ranking the video well for the second upload. Appreciate your patience.

  2. Angelo Q says

    Thanks man good to know wasn't sure if the 2 rotated like the last but this method isn't bad at all 😎

  3. Dragonovus says

    i can't find you on instagram, i'm using a DJI Mavic 2 pro as well! my instagram is @_s_h_y_a_m__

  4. ChrissBanzaiADV says

    👏👏👏👏 nice and simple!!! 🤙

  5. MATT Z says

    Amazing video Jay

  6. Mike Byrd says

    Nice vid! Thanks! For us photography newbies, I enjoy watching you experienced dudes put great shots together. I'm 2 months in with the Mav2. I'm finally comfortable with flying the mini-beast…NOW…time to learn how to employ it properly. Thanks again, Jas…keep crankin' out the helpful vids.

  7. Candra Inoe says

    thanks dude, very good video
    I don't own DJI mavic but Ill try this on my spark 😀

  8. chanzcesr says

    Raw is Raw doesn't matter about white balance setting :p

  9. Artem Parkhomenko says

    Thank you for the feature

  10. lqvk8939 says

    very nice tutorial

  11. Michael McPhee says

    Ok so you took some vertical shots and I was wondering if you took a series of these side by side could you stitch them together to make a huge pano which would maybe 5 shots high by five shots wide. I guess by merging the five vertical compositions in turn before stitching them together?

  12. Nico in Fifine says

    What a fantastic vid!Are you feel interested in testing our microphone?:)

  13. Venture Productions says

    Wow, great camera work! What did you shoot this video with?

  14. paugarciabcn says

    What’s the difference between doing this and doing it with the vertical pano mode and stitching them too in post?

  15. Marlon Orellana says

    lol im too lazy to do all the requirements for drone permission etc. no drone for me for a bit. awesome video though 🙂 i just subbeddddd

  16. Bob T says

    Why would you waste time doing this when the pro will take great portrait photos in the pano options anyway.

  17. L Parker says

    Should be called a perspective hack instead of portrait tutorial.

  18. You Drone says

    Great info, good work 👏👏👀

  19. richard rotthoff says

    Thank you for that great tutorial. I myself have the MPP that I bought this time last year. I would like to maximize the photo quality and work arounds with its limitations albeit 12mp vs 29, lesser sensor, bit rate etc. I have been very interested in manual panos and editing in light room. With the MPP, do you suggest 4:3 AND portrait mode when setting up for piano shots? Secondly, I have watched a great video by Milkyway? In regards to interpolation. He suggested taking multiple shots per image then stacking them to help maximize image resolution before stitching. Thoughts on this? I wonder how that would compare to HDR photo Vs AEB and stacking those after merging AEB with say Enfuse? Many thanks

  20. Jeffrey T says

    Hey man, hope you're doing well? No new videos recently?

  21. Nick Steinberg says

    Great tutorial man! Straight to the point and very helpful. Just curious, what was the final pixel dimensions after you cropped the pano to 4×5?

  22. Luciano Campos says

    I do know that we need to edit the photos and all but let me ask you this: @4:45 you have a great image on the screen of the Mavic 2. Would you say that this would be the only major difference between the original photo and the vertical panorama, the fact that its a vertical pan?

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