Mahatma Gandhi Family With Parents, Wife, Sons, Brother and Sister Photos

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Mahatma Gandhi Family With Parents, Wife, Sons, Brother and Sister Photos

Kabir Bedi Family With Parents, Wife, Daughter, Son and Sister Photos

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  1. George Alderson says

    An inspiration to everyone and a personal hero to me. Thank you. Blessings and peace to everyone

  2. Dr. Carr says

    Father of the nation was Dr ambedkar

  3. malka Tabassum says

    Now BJP is Desh drohi Gandhi teach us to be ahimsa wadi but BJP want to create war

  4. Arslan Mirani says

    Lanat hai tujh py gandhi

  5. OUR CHANNEL says


  6. azhar rather says

    Nice vides

  7. S c mamatha Mamatha says

    Thanks for the information

  8. sanaullah alom says

    respect you oh great son of India I am proud to be an Indian ….. Jai Hind 🇮🇳💖 ….. Father of our nation mahatma Gandhi ji 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I am from west Bengal family member of your Azad hind fouz and national Congress both …

  9. Jagdish Ghate says

    जय हिंद

  10. father of nation ilove very very so much father

  11. ilove mathma

  12. Chandan Behera says


  13. Anjali Lodhi says

    Mahatma Gandhi ji ki ek bhi daughter nhi thi only son the.

  14. Tamilselvi Selvan says


  15. Liladhar Dewangan says

    Devdash gandhi kenya me paida huva tha kya

  16. Traveller UK Herald says

    Cowdung sanghi killed him. Our great father of Nation. Cowdung sanghis(bjp) are stupids then and now.

  17. PARI PARI says


  18. Gideon Gideon says

    Gandhi is father of nation

  19. abhishek kesaswani says

    Jai Hind Bharat Mata Ki Jai

  20. abhishek kesaswani says

    You are amazing video Mahatma Gandhi sister has very cuteness

  21. abhishek kesaswani says

    We don't know Mahatma Gandhi has brother and sister and his four son

  22. Pradip Das says


  23. Siddhartha Prasad says

    The real father of the nation was subhash chandra bose sir

  24. pooja lakshiya says

    Super hero of India , inspiration to me☺️

  25. prashant pal says

    Bhagat singh ka hatyara hai, 2 millions hindus ko marvaya tha isne terrorist tha bhot bada bc

  26. Goi Sora says

    Someone tell me where gandhis family live now

  27. Shanthini Tamilselvam says

    I love mahathma Gandhiji

  28. Azharuddin Malek says

    Great person and great soul. Our father of nation

  29. Usama Arif Bhatti says

    Aadha nanga faqeer

  30. Gunasekar Raja says

    He is god of indian's

  31. Ful Pori says

    মাহাত্ম্য গান্ধী ছাড়া ওনার পরিবারে আর কি রাজনীতি তে জড়িত ছিল?ফিরোজ গান্ধী নাম তো দেখলাম না এখানে ওনি আসলো কোথা থেকে কেউ বলবেন

  32. Vijay Jaswani says

    Mahatma Gandhi is greatttttttttttt person 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👌

  33. Svetlana Abramova says

    The story of Mahatma Gandhi, the man who challenged the entire British Empire, is amazing. A great man with a great soul who changed the fate of the whole country. A great humanist who loved his people and his Homeland and defended good and social justice with all his might. For all mankind, he will forever remain an Apostle of nonviolence , an example of honor and conscience . Throughout the world, he is rightly considered the greatest Indian after Buddha

  34. Pinku Sarkar says



    kitne bache h

  36. Shashank Upadhyay says

    We all respect gandhi and his family becaus he help to made india free from brirish

  37. Tai Chunya says

    Thank u Mahatma gandhi(Babuji)🙏🙏🙏

  38. Hare Krish says

    God of India

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