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3 Photographers Shoot The Same Model – WILDCARD edition! YOU GUYS chose the obstacles we have to go through during each round!

Dani’s Instagram:
Brandon’s instagram:


Styling by

THE COFFEE SHOP!! Show them some love!

Special thanks to Cory for videotaping for us!

  1. jD says

    anotha one

  2. Shane Peterson says

    Brandon looks like Waldo from "Where's Waldo?" if he was in street clothes and gay.

  3. 767Keez says

    Does Peter McKinnon feature in this series?????

  4. Sarah Droniuc says

    Next video do 3 photographers whith unprofessional model

  5. Teanoa Farone says

    Dani win this

  6. Pakhi Chawla says

    So you are telling me that even your unedited pictures are that perfecttttt, damnnnnn😍😍

  7. Anand lessliE says

    Use a budget DSLRs such as Nikon d3400 or d5300… And also in canon d1500 etc… Jessica i need see Brandon in every video… Its my humble request

  8. Robert Valdes says

    Please do more wildcard editions!!!

  9. kumar Mangalam says

    brandon is the best!

  10. Emilie says

    The iphone pictures were the best ones in my opinion. But all pictures were amazing!

  11. Hamael Riaz says

    Brandon is the best in all of these man 😍

  12. Siwon's Armpit Hair says

    my goodness, brandon just make an iphone photo looks like a super pro camera photo 😂 man i love this guy!

  13. catchstars says

    when showing the final photo that each photographer took, would love to also see a reminder of which lens they used to shoot that image.

  14. Soyoso Raingam says


  15. Olivia Khalifa says

    1st loc-jessica
    2nd loc-brandon

  16. [[ waifu ]] says

    Brandon's photo is actually awesome for an unedited pic! Who says he overedits.

  17. Maram Diaa says

    Actually you can dhiot raw with iphones just use lightroom

  18. Grace the cool pineapple says

    These two are so funny jesica,you need more of these videos

  19. Grace the cool pineapple says

    I learnt a new word today..viewfinder

  20. Starr 427 says

    my ultimate like dream is to do this with jessica without any experience i would just use everthing in my power to take some food pictures like…. MY DREAM

  21. Mickyle Jeob Mangada says

    2019 squad?

  22. Sharon Mudwari says

    Honestly I never edit my photos for my insta is that weird

  23. ih8puppies 11 says

    Brandon is such a great photographer

  24. mccooey11 says

    The last round was the best. So pretty! 😁😘❤️

  25. Cindy Flores says

    9:23 I was dying on that guy that went back in

  26. Lã Tiệp Quyên says

    If I was in there, the unedited photo round might be pretty cool to me cuz I don't really like editing photos 😝

  27. Ayoub Oukchir says

    I really liked the model!! so talented!!

  28. Arelis Rios says

    if you guys could show more raws, i would be so happy! it’s personally how I keep my photos because raws to me are the best. It’s like showing everything and people aren’t perfect. Nothing is perfect! Sometimes people get to caught up in editing and tweaking their photos that it’s refreshing to show raws.

  29. Gabriela Cristina says

    Jessica, Dani & Dani

  30. Venus says

    That one guy trying to leave the coffee shop!! Me too man

  31. Bubble Fish ! says

    Shoots 5000000 photos…….


  32. RV boyjunior says

    1. Dani
    2. Brandon
    3. Jessica

  33. I don't know says

    Brandon for the first one
    dani for the second one
    Brandon for the third one

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