How to turn any Photo into Minecraft Pixel Art!

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Just a quick tutorial while I work on some other bigger stuff.

Link to Spritecraft:


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  1. BloodySeaGulls says

    Squeekstir, what a boss name.

  2. Jucab Nubster says

    This was one of the things that kept me up all night. Phew, thanks man!

  3. Cirriuss says

    i hope u know its a virus it has a .bat file and a .rar file which are both on the watchlist for top 10 dangerous files, Don't download this at all costs!!!

  4. Gaming Turtle says

    Wait so you dont have to pay ? ?

  5. Stasa Stancic says

    thnx <3

  6. Psy_Kun says

    Is there an app on mobile that does this

  7. Isaac Luna says

    Is there a mobile version?

  8. EverSteven NG says

    Torchic Torchic

  9. Connor Gray says

    It won’t open

  10. Lily Catherine says

    When i extracted it, instead of the bottom one being a jar file, it was another winrar file.

  11. Lord Østers says

    Is there any mobile apps for minecraft pixel art converter?

  12. Snow STAR ™ says


  13. The Game Train says

    Please say this works with Mac!

  14. GrandsonOfVader says

    Thanks to you I now have drawn Daisy Ridley on a map and put it into my friends house

  15. Ace Gaming says

    lol… it's so funny xD Full and Deluxe version…


  16. PotatoCharleh says

    Spritecraft doesnt work for me anymore, If I open it it just crashes 1 milisecond after I open it

  17. Klassisk says

    Ik this is an old video…. but spritecraft really all I reccomend if your gonna hand build this… dont build the background, reason why is people focus more on the main character then anything else in this case his youtube logo the pokeballs dont look as good as if you had no max limit if your gonna be doing backgrounds as well I recommend 256×256 or 512×512 works best for background for me atleast I build all of these hand made so if Im doing a youtube video about it I'd likely use a 128×128 main character instead of the background but if Im doing small pictures just for fun and to keep me sane I would likely do 64×64 just depends what you think is best…

  18. Exotic Luxury says

    Lol 101st like lol

  19. Shua Villa says

    I like how you describe things. Keep it up. Slow down tho lol.

  20. You're Not My Dad says

    THX I subbed too this helped me!

  21. Aboden says

    Thanks man.. <3

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