Mobile Photography Tips and App Tools for Photographers

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Let’s reinvent photography using our smartphones!
Here are some TIPS on how shoot like a PRO using the camera from our phones.


I’m still fascinated on how efficient the camera on our phones to capture quality photos. Not only portable but the creativity challenge on how to pull proffesional looking photos considering the limitations of our smartphones.

Huge thanks to Adele and Jaem

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  1. yajzeuqsav says

    hi po

  2. Nikki Soriano says

    vey nice!

  3. Kevin Greene says

    Jasper! Awesome content man! SUBBED BACK!

  4. Renz Carlo says


  5. Nebej Villartaob says

    how to order the lens?

  6. Marrielle Anne says

    san po sa 168 mall nabili ung lens? anong floor?

  7. dj kuno says

    +jasper QQ: shoot in raw means manual mode?

  8. Wholehearted says

    Nice. I hope mapansin ng samsung yung video mo.

  9. Isa Does says

    Another fun video but more importantly Saosin Seven Years dance mix???? I LOVE IT 👍🏼

  10. chrysalis lerios says

    SAOSIN <3

  11. Jem Salvador says

    Sir san niyo po sa Divi binili yung lens? 😂

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