OnePlus 5 Photo Camera Review after three months of use | Review

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A professional photographer review and overlook of all the camera feature of the OnePlus 5 after three months of usage.

In this video, I will talk about the different shooting mode, with a photo gallery of the 1x and 2x mode, Portrait mode, Pro Mode and some night photos too!

So hows’ possible I’m shooting already for three months with the device if it has just been announced last week and it will be officially on sale today (27/6/17)?

I was lucky enough to be contacted et the end of April by OnePlus to be part of the shooting campaign for the new OnePlus 5.
At the end of April, I received a working prototype of the OnePlus 5 and my duty was to test the camera, giving some feedback to the company and recording some nice pictures to use for the launch of the device.
Full review on my blog with 70+ real-world photos, originals and personal photo wallpapers:
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Used to record this video:
➔ Fujifilm X-T2:
➔ Fujinon 35mm f/1.4:
➔ Fujinon 56mm f/1.2:
➔ Fujinon 60mm f/2.4 Macro:
➔ Small wire microphone:
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  1. being jpradpdare says

    For the time lapse from one plus 5

  2. TaulanT T says

    Oneplus 5 is best phone for 2017 and maybe in 2018 i like it because is perferct in performance in proccesor and Ram it's very crazy fast

  3. Sandhya Mishra says

    Does front camera has beauty mode?

  4. 94tthomas says


  5. hellrockermihir says

    Its been 2 days since Ive ordered it from Amazon and i just cant wait anymore to get it in my hands😍

  6. Lorii says

    Italian accent 💕


    you can't hide the italian accent❤

  8. Gyro Gamer says

    Hi from the future

  9. Marcus Skyfall says

    Unfortunately I can't take you seriously as an independent source of unbiased opinion. I've ordered one myself and I will report back on it myself as I purchased one, I didn't get one free of charge. Thanks for the video though

  10. Rocío Tech says

    'after three months of use' LOL xD

  11. Jasmeet Singh says

    Nice video

  12. Melky Lima says

    otimo review… faz agora o review do Nubia Z17

  13. Niels Junker says

    great video 👍😎 i will buy this phone

  14. Karun Shrestha says

    3 months of use???

  15. agentmops says

    dont play music while you are taking….

  16. Christian L. Fraichot says

    Very good idea about how to use the camera, thanks to you!

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