What makes photography art?

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How do you, as an artist, stay unique when you are confronted
with thousands of images each day? How do you know that what you create is truly yours and not influenced by others? Look inside! Dig deep into your own emotions and translate this in an image. It isn’t easy and you just might not like what you find. But the results are honest, authentic and unique pieces of art.

Born in Delft in 1975 she was, from a very young age, intimately aware of her surroundings and fascinated by everything around her – images and events.

Flore Zoé’s work reflects an existential need to capture a world in which beauty prevails. Each image, to the smallest of details is aesthetically perfect, beautiful. Chaos and trouble far away. And, in the background, consciously or unconsciously a secret quest for happiness. A recurring theme throughout her non-commissioned work: female models in the main role set in fairy-tale like settings.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  1. Jim Barcelona says

    The devitalized and limp applause at the end sums this talk up very well. The speaker's fantasy photographs belie the sort of European that you know would absolutely hate an American BBQ in all its messy deliciousness. That said, even on her own terms, digging deep still doesn't make a photo a unique piece of work, because it still can be reproduced 1000s of times on the Internets. So much pretentious fail in this video. That said, I believe every photo is art.

  2. 84Edusp says

    Dont loose your precious time watching this non sense video. Watch Sebastiao Salgado Ted´s talk, a self taught photographer, a trully artist and human being

  3. red harcourt says

    Worst TED talk I’ve ever seen…

  4. J P says

    Totally loved this. I've been struggling with the sudden devaluation of photography in society. Now that everyone can take a picture they suddenly think they know how to MAKE a picture. I think this video flew over most people's heads but if you have a deeper understanding and thoughtfulness about photography and art in general, then you understand what was being discussed in these videos. The title what MAKES photography art was definitely answered by 11 different, yet harmonious, viewpoints. I appreciated the video, thank you.

  5. Ina-Alice Danila says

    This is the worst Ted Talk ever. I've never heard of this lady with her perfect name, her perfect pictures. And now I know why. She's just s self centered wannabe artist

  6. Lucy Gentry says

    I'm glad she has found something that fulfills her and that she enjoys. But her art is not to my taste at all. It appears contrived and commercial.

  7. Sean Cassady says

    It's art if you consider it your art, Art is subjective and in the eye of the beholder – You don't have to go to school to be an artist

  8. Ariel Glaze says

    Boring. Waste of time. Don’t bother. It’s ok, I’m a boring speaker as well.

  9. David Collopy says

    I’ve never been so grateful to get a phone call while I was watching this. It saved me two minutes of agonising pomposity.

  10. esa marila says

    Everything can be called art, if it is presented as an art. Calling something Art doesn't mean it have more value or meaning than something that is not called art. Learn your medium to express your vision as you see it in your mind.

  11. Your Waifu Sucks says

    Lots of people complain that anyone can do modern art and yet they consider photography an art…something anyone can do.

  12. NoComment NoName says

    "It's not like you're Trump or anything"??

  13. samantha gregorikosis says

    OH aren't I wonderful !

  14. Karma Zangpo says

    I didnt get it

  15. Neo 0101 says

    What makes photography art?!….Me Me Me!

  16. JayoJay says

    This is just her life story. Nothing to do with photography.

  17. Raymond Teh says

    I believe the fact that she elaborated how much work she put into her photos was not because she is arrogant or what but was in the sense that most people do not appreciate or rate a piece of photography highly like fine art created by masters, so she worked her life to prove that Photography is indeed an art form that requires high skills as well. read the title lol.

  18. Smokeahontas says

    Hi there all TEDxers! If you too are tired of listening to egocentric photographers and want to hear some in-depth psychological analysis I would highly recommend checking out Ted Forbes channel "The art of photography."

  19. Lisa Longo says

    you do not need to go to school in photography or any art form. Most of the greatest have not. Way to add Trump into this too.

  20. fcm says

    I have learnt more from the comment section than I did watching this self-indulgent drivel. Worst Ted Talk ever.

  21. levityoflonging22 says

    Her photography is wonderful and definitely art, but this talk was all over the place. She didn't ever give a legitimate reason for why photography is art. While I agree that it is, because you took classes or tried really hard to get seen is not why.

  22. frikinzero says

    photography isnt art. Its more like decor. Taking 200 photos and picking the best one, running through filters and calling it art really dilutes the real artists that spend hours and hours in brush strokes or sketching from a blank canvas. Photographers call photography art but most artists gringe at the definition.

  23. Dat1Guy says

    So….photography is art when you work hard to learn it and to get it seen? It takes courage to get up and talk, and I appreciate her for doing that, but her message was confusing and very self centered. Seemed more like a way for her to tell us all how bad she had it and how hard she worked.

  24. Cindy says

    Awesome. The soul revealed. Art.

  25. Plasma D'Lite says

    So she's had formal training, gives it more time and effort than most people do, and involves some other people to bring her vision to life – sounds like a whole lot of effort for some of the most boring, conventional and plain meh hi-res pictures I've ever seen.

  26. José Juan Rivera says

    whaaaaaaat???? Such a poor way of expressing herself and she totally missed the point of the title. 11min. of my life to the toilet.

  27. Mark Clarivette says

    Sorry,but this just sounds like a load of pretentious babble!

  28. musikalitet says

    was it(her photos) art, or just artificial ?

  29. Bridget S says

    This is the worst Ted talks I've ever seen. Not entertaining or interesting in the least. Very self involved speaker.. disappointing.

  30. delimanyak says

    Waste of Time! Just visit Magnum Photos website to "see" the real photography.

  31. Roberto Ramirez says


  32. Andrew Cohen says

    So effort and expense make a photograph art? Uh, no.

  33. Derrick Lytle says

    So you pay money to learn and then put in time and that makes it art? Ya no.

  34. halvorsengirl says


  35. Julio Cesar Franco says

    so? art is all about her

  36. Ralph Bennett says

    soooo arrogant……

  37. Francesca says

    Shame she had to call Trump a dictator… She must not have looked it up!

  38. Edward Brotherton says

    In my opinion, take away the name of the artist, the need to explain the context of the work, and any other factor that is not in the frame and let it move you on it's own merit and for no other reason.  That to me is Art.

  39. lordoftheflings says

    boring and egotistical. Next.

  40. Parikshit Rao says

    What's the point of this video?

  41. Tom Upton says

    Never answered the question in the title. Underwhelming.

  42. Bobby Collins says

    this was the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen!

  43. Yorkshire Photo Walks says

    A beautiful, emotive talk.

  44. Deth Deeler says

    The comments made me open my eyes😂😂

  45. Happy Positive says

    I liked her photos. Keep up the good work

  46. 🙂 Sorry to say, but at least what was shown in here, with "pride", are just some of what it's called "collages"; cut-offs assembled together in order to form interesting compositions and that's all, nothing like those of Rafael's. A work of art, doesn't matter if it's visual, musical or literary; it's all about EMPATHY, the receiver has to feel it deep down inside it's soul, it has to move him subconsciously, in a transcendence. The biggest issue about what people are classifying as "art" is that it has turned just in an ultra-refined academic thing, without anything natural left, and just as the refined food it's unhealthy and false.

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