PortraitPro Body Tutorial and Review | Part 2 of 2

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Here’s the second part of my 2-part PortraitPro series. This one covers how to use PortraitPro Body, their new body sculpting and contouring software.


A new way to enhance your portraits, from the makers of PortraitPro.

With a straightforward slider interface, PortraitPro Body allows you to edit full length portraits.
No more hours wasted using complicated tools to retouch portraits by hand – just easy, professional results.

Easy & Fast. Retouch your portraits in under 10 minutes.
Intuitive slider interface. As much or as little manual control as you like.
No retouching experience required. Even beginners get great results.
PortraitPro Body Studio handles RAW files and can be run as a Photoshop plug-in.
100% online support. No call charges, no waiting on hold.
Your license is stored securely online, so you can reinstall if something goes wrong.
From the makers of PortraitPro, the world’s best portrait editing software.


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  1. paul bolton says

    I love the way you cant resist having some fun with the sliders. lol

  2. martinS S says

    thanks for these tutorials. I'm surprised these programs aren't more popular. I combine these with nik software and lightroom and my workflow is now so nice.

  3. ARbull says

    so there is two separate software?

  4. zeyad ghareb says

    very good
    but how i activate this version please

  5. Equinox 271 says

    Thanks Dustin… very informative.

  6. Jeff Tight says

    You need to finish your sentences.

  7. Katherine Rosen says

    How can I combine the two?

  8. Dung-Ngoc Le says

    thanks, I learned quite a bit…

  9. ikciwon1 says

    Very informative and a good natural teaching flow.. thank you.

  10. Paulius Danilevicius says

    super program I have all 4 but I working with Photoshop as plug ins I do have problem with SmartPhotoEditor Studio 1 system crash not 1 and all work despairs I like to be more like lightroom if some thing get wrong it steel have a all last job dilates

  11. Anthropics1 says

    Hi Dustin,
    Great video, thanks for sharing.
    We don't have a way of creating custom presets yet but we'll suggest this to the developers.

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