Portrait Professional 10/11 Tutorial & Review! -Best Face Image Software

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Portrait Pro:

Portrait Professional Is one of the best Portrait Face Editing software in existence. Not only is it capable of professional results, but its easy enough for anyone to figure out. Simply connect the lines and your done.

Portrait Pro:

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  1. Mekelych says

    If you can't save it use your fucking snipping tool and take the picture

  2. DaveMcIroy says

    It may be quiet good for beginners, but I'd still prefer PS for more control.
    And on their website the samples they are deleting freckles – no more need to say.

  3. Manas P. Gohain says

    search in torrent site

  4. TheSniper5681 says


  5. microbroadcast says

    Very well produced video tutorial – good use of close-ups of on-screen controls etc. Well done!

  6. فن سوداني says

    Ilove you

  7. Diego Eidelman says

    Very good review!

  8. pauline bugup says

    mind checking my video tutorial almost the same with this one but its FREE..pls comment if u do

  9. yutubemedia says


  10. yutubemedia says

    Google images ! I just search HD wallpapers or something like that

  11. yutubemedia says

    welcome! 8)

  12. yutubemedia says

    Well, Only I know of legally is a trial. but theres I think saving is disabled

  13. yutubemedia says

    haha I know right! pretty amazing how easy it is to

  14. shanellsplace says

    Thanks! this helped alot! 🙂

  15. hax0rz100 says

    Where do you get your wallpapers for your desktop?

  16. mettta88 says

    Cool, thanks

  17. yutubemedia says

    @arstyles When you click the hair bar, you have to also click another bar under it "View/Edit Hair Area" as shown in the video

  18. yutubemedia says

    @AGuyWhoPunkUMama Thanks, Sure is!

  19. Joel Cedric says

    that's pretty cool man. thanks!

  20. Norrish100 says

    Love you're vids man.

  21. yutubemedia says

    @vcstar5 Welcome!

  22. yutubemedia says

    @quinstar96 All just off google, I think i will make a video on all the wallpapers ive been using, and provide links to them all.

  23. yutubemedia says

    @astro776 You have to have a purchased version to save the images

  24. vcstar5 says

    very cool. thanks for the info.

  25. Conor Wilson says

    Haha it says facial.

  26. Anon386632 says

    l;o;l facial 😀

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