Perfect Back To School Makeup Tutorial (Picture Day)

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Hey everyone today’s video is going to be the perfect back to school makeup. This is a picture perfect back to school makeup tutorial. You will look great if you follow this picture day makeup tutorial for the yearbook and school ID’s. Going back to school is so exciting especially when you are looking picture perfect on picture day. This is a perfect back to school makeup tutorial. I will teach you step by step how to slay this years back to school pictures. Picture day is so important, because this will be in the yearbook forever. Why not look picture perfect?! If you want to look perfect for back to school on picture day follow this perfect makeup tutorial. Anyways without further or do here is a perfect back to school makeup tutorial for picture day. Enjoy this “Perfect Back To School Makeup Tutorial (Picture Day)” back to school makeup tutorial for the school yearbook or photo school ID’s. SUBSCRIBE. MUCH LOVE.

Back To School Extremely Natural Drugstore Makeup Tutorial:

Back To School Extremely Natural Makeup Tutorial:

First Day of School Makeup Tutorial 2018:


Back To School Supply Giveaway Walmart:

Back To School Supply Giveaway Target:

Back To School Supply Shopping at Target:


MAKEUP PRODUCTS used (in order + shades):
Smashbox photo finish primer –
Fenty beauty foundation (370) –
Laura translucent setting powder –
Aaliyah MAC eyeshadow palette –
Ardell demi wispies lashes –
Duo eyelash adhesive –
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow duo (chocolate) –
Fenty Beauty match stix (truffle) –
Anastasia medium to tan powder contour kit –
Deck of scarlet palette (dream)
Sephora pressed powder (toffee peach) –
Urban decay all nighter setting spray –
Pearlessence rose water hydrating face mist –
Urban decay perversion mascara –
Carmex lip balm –
MAC lip liner (cork) –
MAC lipstick (cremesheen modesty) –

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  1. Jimiya Ottithottathil says

    Wat hair u use?

  2. Danielle S. says

    You are sooo gorgeous 😍 your makeup is so pretty!!

  3. Irene Rosewell says

    i look sooo goregeous♡ i am gonna try this look

  4. Irene Rosewell says

    i look sooo goregeous♡

  5. менма says

    omg so pretty without makeup daaamn

  6. Issa Arianator says

    Wow… your stunning w/o makeup 😩

  7. hajraayesha qureshi says

    Perfect girla nd perfect makeup wow

  8. Zoe Elizarraraz says

    you are so pretty omg your makeup is bomb

  9. EY4L LIFE says

    I'm late but ur always on fleek girl💓💓💓💓😍😍

  10. Destinee says

    This look!! 😍 😍

  11. Jillian Segal says

    I never get good headshots especially for school because they always move my hair when it was already perfect but whatever this could help fix all that!!😩💕💗💗✨

  12. yunellie .marie says

    You look pretty with or without makeup 💖

  13. Camille Camille says

    You Never Fail Me With Make Up Tutorials😚❤

  14. champagne mami says

    Love the look but I can’t even wear makeup 😩

  15. Mollyanne Davidson says

    Morning routine for back to school?

  16. Mollyanne Davidson says

    How are you just so stunning!!! I love your spirit and your vibe! 💛💛💛

  17. That Lovable Gang says

    Your videos have helped me get excited for back to school. I was in Governor's School this summer studying Oceanography.

  18. Jessa Sobrevilla says

    I really love watching you doing your make-up. I don't know why, I don't even know how to put make-up and I am 18 😂 but watching your videos is so satisfying ❤

  19. Liz Crivera says

    can't believe you aren't more popular! so underrated, i love this channel

  20. Cristina Ortega says

    I need makeup so bad 😂😭 I’m jay scared of break ohts

  21. Grace Sau says


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  23. Kelis Brown says

    carla my friend jada she said bequiet in a mean and she said i tallk she said stop being weird and she said you look ugly in those photos but you look in real life do you think she's a fake friend

  24. Makaylia W says

    You are such a beautiful person 😍

  25. Itz _ Abi says

    Girl I love you so much you hooking us up with the back to school videos much love 💜

  26. Lai Mar says

    Ur skin looks so good!! Do a skin care school tutorial

  27. Proncess Ramncwana says

    # picturepurfect

  28. a n i s h a says

    Your makeup is always so good! I'm loving your back to school videos by the way!♥️

  29. Anya Smith says

    Omgggg I’ve been Soooooooo late to your videos but ilyyyy😘😘

  30. me says

    Your make up is on point 😍

  31. Manisha L says

    Pretty ❤

  32. MK Warr says

    Your YouTube name should start of with the name QUEEN

  33. Isabel sunstar says

    Ooh! This Is super cute! Ima have to try this. Thanks so much girly! Ur amazing

  34. Korah Meneus says

    Yesss 🙌🏽 now I will be slaying on picture day 😘

  35. Jeahav Valentin says

    Another home run video from the lovely Carla

  36. Tamara Alfira says

    I don't even have makeups, and i'm going to enter college😂 but if i do have makeup i'll try this tutorial🙌

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