1. h-town tx says

    In another words,fire the teacher if he or she is white. If the teacher is black, accept explanation!

  2. Gaara Of the sand says

    That happened in my school,it take everything serious

  3. closeedge01 says

    Came to the comments section for white excuses

  4. John Woodhouse says

    Black on black crime

  5. Jack says

    It seems most people in the comments here as of right now understand young people today well enough to understand what the kids were saying with that picture. Today kids tend to joke about suicide and wanting to die. "I want to die" "Thanks me too" kind of stuff that apparently these guys don't understand. Of course racism is terrible, but that picture certainly isn't about that. They should have used that picture as an opportunity to spread a message to kids about suicide prevention and mental health.

  6. MyEyesBled says

    Those here who are asking “How is this racist” are themselves racist bigots!

  7. Smake Down says

    Sure would be nice to have an explanation how it is racist. AND IF YOU CAN'T than, it's them being RACIST. To get a teacher fired and hound a bunch of kids over this is the only crime here.

  8. Rudy Hart says

    My first instinct when I saw this was how sad for those who are depressed to see this.

  9. Smitt 1014 says

    This is definitely not racist.

  10. Joe Blow says

    Why not tackle something real like democrats are baby killing Satanists

  11. Flying Monkey says

    Reported for spam/misleading

  12. Fester Adams says

    Good try CBS at keeping the Race War alive in America. After all CBS has the largest share of Black viewers

  13. Trevorkian says

    What were all the white people scared? because anybody with a brain knows that more white people were hung than black people so did some black person post a picture of a noose in order to scare white people is that what you're trying to say?

  14. Omar Noble says

    Struggling to see how this is specifically offensive to black people…

  15. pparalaxx says

    Wtf this is not racist.
    This is pushing it too far

  16. Aidan Murphy says

    This isn't racist. It's an edgy joke pointing out student depression. Don't say that this is about Black History Month if it's been up for multiple months.

  17. Terminator FUTURE says

    I've lived in Roosevelt Long Island.
    It's 80-90% brown and black.
    Who did this…

  18. Rockinghorse Winner says

    Alert: CBSN is kept afloat by a billionaire for propaganda purposes. It is not a news source.

  19. Q C says

    Look at high schoolers meme for a second and you would know this isn't racist. Smh victim culture.

  20. abarronboy says

    Liberals and their feelings.

  21. Kelvin Crowe says

    CRYBABIES! They need to get over their victim mentality.

  22. Phyllis Arrington says

    Oh, puleese! It's nothing more than what it sea. Teens sad their summer vacation was over. Not everything is racist. Come on, people.

  23. Thomas Chambers says

    Those crybabies need to get a life.

  24. Mr. Pink says

    Oh CBS you're trying to bait people here with that title. It's going to hurt you.

  25. RUNNING MAN says

    Not enough to tie to racism. More likely a joke about suicide. Take a chill 💊. Liberal media is wanting a race riot i guess. I just glad the younger generation is not buying this garbage that the media is pushing. Fake news to shock and divide because it does nothing for race relations when you cry racism while everyone but the media can see your insanity.

  26. Santiago Duran says


  27. Daniel Lively says

    Well, its pretty messed up that this is toward race.. More like suicide.

  28. Mike Rogers says

    For crying out loud! This could easily be part of a Halloween costume! Probably thousands sold at that time of year!
    Anyone ever watch Hang 'Em High, with Clint Eastwood? Hanging/lynching was very common for horse thieves, cattle rustlers, many different crimes in the Old West…it was seen as an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY way of dispensing justice!

  29. mcdonkey500 says

    it's almost as if no one cared because it wasn't an issue until people wanted to make it one



  31. C J says

    Brotha need to read the Bible more often and quit reading only about giving offerings.

    Ephesians 4: 31

    Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.

  32. Hans says

    Blacks have run out of things to complain about.

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