iPHONE XR Vs iPHONE 8 PLUS CAMERA TEST! (Photo Comparison)

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Let’s see how the iPhone 8 Plus camera compares to the iPhone XR!!

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    I don't know why I watch these videos. I am 8+ user and I have been using it from past 11 months and it has been a great experience and I don't intend to change my phone in near future but I still like these comparison videos.

  2. Heil Kräuter says

    This blue ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Kris Ferrell says

    Why are you so biased towards the XR? The XR has an amazing camera, same one that the XS and XS Max has.

  4. Kris Ferrell says

    Why are you so biased towards the XR? The XR has an amazing camera, same one that the XS and XS Max has.

  5. Chosenbydestiny says

    Without lowlight performance this comparison is invalid to me

  6. Jenae Lake says

    I feel like the 8+ makes things look more real 🤔

  7. Elias Källman says

    To upgrade to an xr from an 8+ shouldn’t be a downgrade which it is in some places for exempel with the screen resolution and no 3D Touch. But the camera on the xr is better in most situations but it lacks the optical zoom tho

  8. Biggsizzling Bryson says

    When I went into the apple store the guy literally told me if you want a phone for the better camera the 8+ camera is better because of the dual lenses and the xr is better for a more wide angle but the 8 camera is better that’s why I’m watching this video to compare

  9. Biggsizzling Bryson says

    I like the 8+ camera more

  10. andres felipe puentes marin says

    Parce le hablo en español porque la verdad si comparación no tiene sentido

    Ósea tiene que ser equitativo poner las cámaras sin zoom o con zoom ambas no se no me gusto

  11. Myspacey Corn says

    I think you are wrong about the xr. lets start with the first Picture. You can see that the blue sticker on the cube is coming off just a little compare to the 8+. The wood is lighter. So it give it a more natural look. 2nd picture you zoomed in all the way. Yes you can zoom in more with the iPhone 8+, But its so much clearer on the xr. 3rd both pictures are terrible. 8+ is way to bright and xr is too dark. The next picture of the plant. I have to give it to the 8+ its brighter. 4th picture of the little cube. yes your not holding it the same. but look at your skin tone in each picture. the xr photo is better you can see its brighter. where the 8+ makes your hand darker. 5th picture of Portrait mode. unfortunately 8+ wins.. it makes it closer.. you should have taken a selfie with it. you can take selfie in portrait mode. you can't do that with the 8+. 6th picture of the screens. um terrible picture on both. I wouldn't have even put that picture in this video. Im not gonna do the rest of the pictures. you should have gone out side and taken some flower pictures. The iPhone XR is a great phone. People who talk about the display being shit are just stupid and no NOTHING about tech. The screen is good. the only difference is that the blacks are more black on a OLED Screen. I have an iPhone 8+ and I love it. but Im gonna sell it and get the xr because in my opinion, The iPhone XS max is not worth it to me. The only difference is you have a OLED screen. and it has 2 camera and you can take portrait mode on THINGS. but if you look at the xr you can zoom in and get a clear picture. So why on earth would I spend 1100 on a phone when I can spend half that.. So sorry this is so long. I just feel like you are smashing on the xr and the phone is FINE!!!1

  12. Kunal Mehta says

    He doesn't know anything about camera… XR🙌

  13. Sxvages says


  14. femi olatunde says

    The New IPhone fits my requirements for a smartphone very well.>>>ur2.pl/1270 I upgraded from a 6S and don’t have to relearn much to use it immediately. It’s a lot faster, will be able to accept software upgrades for longer and appears to have better battery life. The screen seems to be clearer and have more contrast and snap for color images and photos. The camera has a few new features and better clarity than my old phone. I think it’s a reasonable deal for the money given that all smartphones are pricier than ever.

  15. Vale’s Random World says

    Buy both phones problem solved 🙂

  16. boom khine says

    Let's admit it everyone the iPhone xr is an enlarged iPhone 8 with its lense turned sideways and the screen being that of an iPhone x's.

  17. Mzwandile Harmans says

    it would be better if he was quiet bcos 90% of what he said was the opposite of what i saw (in my opinion). I love the 8plus but i think XR did much better job.

  18. amy brennan says

    why is he so biased njshahs

  19. EllaSprinkles says

    I'm a 5s user and I shouldn't be talking shit at all but my sisters boyfriend has the XR and the camera quality is similar to a Samsung Galaxy.

  20. kiara fields says

    iphone xr is better end of discussion , lmao

  21. Ken WHS says

    8 plus is just better

  22. tek- know says

    Your voice sucks

  23. Jakatyln Mcclendon says

    Did anyone notice the crack in the 8plus

  24. Octavia Lache says

    The xr looks better clearly but the 8 plus is a better phone so …

  25. Osman Keskin says

    where is the front camera review idiot.. are you ugly ?

  26. BlueFizz says

    The clarity and colours are much better on the XR but the 8 Plus has the dule camera advantage.

  27. Julia Caffee says

    Worst camera comparisons I have ever watched! Why are you dragging the XR!?

  28. g0dbtw says


  29. Henry Martinez says

    I hate his voice damn

  30. MENEER YE says

    I like the XR better

  31. Pedro Henrique says

    i love the way that the iphone xr clearly has the better picture and he says that the iphone 8 plus is best lmao

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